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Ken Nix

Monday, 2/2/2009


A poem by Travis Nix


My precious Savior, friend, and shepherd,

Peace rests upon thy path forever.

How blessed and grateful am I for your presence!

For your sheep, My Lord, calls out to thee.

I pray to surrender always unto thy Father.


Take my hand dearest friend, so as to venture,

In the pastures over the hill, where I hear my Savior singing.

Oh Lord, I wish to stay near to thy feet,

And to stand in the shadow of eternal love.

A Father's glory and gift unto man.


How much longer will my sins cause thee pain?

I am guilty of spilling thy precious blood.

Let my heart forever remorse,

And let my tears continually fall,

In the asking of forgiveness, Oh King, to thee.


A cloak of humility is sought after,

Crying from the heart to be thou servant.

A servant both low and true, my Shepherd I will be.

Silence, all silent, my Savior beckons to speak,

Come close my little ones to sit at my Father's feet.


I pray that I may be pleasing unto thee,

And to live by example, portrayed by a Son's love.

For there was never, nor ever will be a Son,

Who loves his Father as much as thee.




To obtain strength and honor, thus I do pray,

To be the servant needed to sacrifice all to thee, this day,

And to hear the call, Oh Army of God,

Led by the Son, come forward with soldiers sword and shield.


For time endures many wounds,

But those received through the name of Christ,

I pray forever will remain.

For to remember ones walk and the battles often fought,

Forever may I bear witness to thee, Oh friend indeed.


For there is no greater honor,

Than to proclaim,

A servant I will, a servant I want, a servant I long to be.


A song by Abondonega

Walking through this life I've felt so lost and so alone

Struggles never ending - never reach a peaceful home

Spurning all wise counsel falling to temptation's ways

Hearing angel's tears fall as I'm lost into a haze

 Take my sins away

Take my sins away

 Crying I keep calling and you hear my voice I know

Tears are ever falling and I'm finally brought so low

Seeking and re-seeking 'til I find the place you hide

Praying in surrender as I know you hear me say, I know

 Take my sins away

 Through the Cloud of Glory I saw you, bleeding your life for me

When I finally crashed I saw you, in time to hear you say

Now finally is the day, do not be afraid

 Take my sins away

Take my sins away

 Walking through this life I've felt so lost and so alone

Struggles almost ending now I reach a peaceful home

Seeking my Lord's forgiveness hearing sin's chains fall away  

Angel's sing with gladness as they hear my spirit say

 Take my sins away

My lord, take my sins away



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