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Ken Nix

Monday, 2/2/2009


Kenneth Nix

Obedience to the Mighty Ones of heaven brings blessings beyond number. Many times we are told what blessings we will be given when we receive commands or instructions from them. Recently I was instructed to discuss trust at the mid week celebration of praise. In this study I was led to list seven blessing received when we trust in the our heavenly Father and His Son.

God led me to look primarily at the messages in the book, The Latter Rain. I am sure that there are more blessings that come from trust than the seven I list and perhaps you can have fun finding more of those blessings.

In a message given from Jesus Christ on November 16, 2006, we received instruction on how to walk in faith. It is point two of this message that shows us the first blessing I found when we trust.

"Faith comes unto those who trust. Why do you not take the step upon the water? Continue to surrender each day. Be the leaf upon the water, for in surrender you will see our presence each day, and the things you refer to as coincidences will grow in frequency and you will learn to trust."

Trust and faith are not the same. Faith is a blessing that comes unto those who trust. When you trust you will do, and faith then comes from the doing. Faith is a gift of the holy spirit and is also a fruit of the holy spirit. We are been instructed to keep journals of trust. These journals also carry the blessing of increasing our faith.

A second blessing received from trust is also another fruit of the holy spirit. This blessing is meekness. In a message received from the Almighty God on October 10, 2006 on the power of meekness we are shown in point 2, "Meekness is the presence of great trust in me. Belief in my promises will lead to a meek and gentle spirit. The more you know that I am faithful unto you, the more you place your trust in me. What promise given has failed? Trust in me. Trust, and obey all that I command unto you."

In this message from the Almighty, we are told that meekness is the most difficult fruit to develop. We are also told that it is a blessing to be sought. This blessing will be found by those who trust in the Mighty Ones of heaven and believe in all of their promises.

The third blessing I found in this study in found in a message from  the Almighty God given on patience on October 14, 2006. In point 7 we are shown the next blessing, "Patience leads unto great wisdom. The wisdom from above comes unto those who trust me enough to wait, to those who do not leave the altar of the Almighty hastily…"

Wisdom therefore is the third blessing we receive from trusting. In another message on wisdom from our Lord Jesus we are told that wisdom of his prophets was demonstrated by trusting Him and in surrender.

The fourth blessing  is freedom. This is found in a message from the great I Am concerning the Freedom of Surrender. In point 7 it states, "Freedom comes unto those who trust. Why do you not believe my words and my promises? Why do you seek to guide your own steps and choose your own paths? Trust me in all. Surrender everything unto me. There is joy and freedom in absolute surrender unto me. Trust me and I will lead you to joy beyond imagination and dreams."

This point also leads to the fifth blessing which is joy. This blessing is also mentioned in a message, "Joy in Our Daily Walk" given on 05/02/07. "...Great joy comes to those who trust and follow as led…"

The sixth blessing is found in a message from the Almighty God given on November 24, 2006 which was entitled, "Steps To Trust God In All Things". In point 7 we read, "Trust comes through peace. Let my peace be upon you. I will grant peace unto you. Let me give you calm release and calm waters. My peace is a gift. In my peace you will learn to trust me. Surrender all unto me."

What a blessing peace is! In this world very few have peace and in the times ahead if we trust the Mighty Ones of heaven we will have the peace that only comes from God.

The seventh and final blessing is found in a message from the Almighty God entitled, "Ways To Be Dead To Sin", given on August 25, 2006. In point ten we are told, "Become as a child. Trust me, take my hand, surrender. I will lead you and I will never lead you back to sin and the old paths. I lead you forward, ever forward to my glorious light and truth."

If we trust God then we can be as a little child. This is a great blessing! In this blessing we find peace, joy, faith, meekness, wisdom, and freedom. There are so many blessings that God wants to bestow upon us. But we must trust Him and allow Him to break us and tear down all the barriers in our lives.

What an awesome God we serve!



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