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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

19th Parable - Thou Knowest

The young woman walked in the sun to the well to draw water for her family. She carried two large pots- one on each end of a pole balanced upon her shoulders. She was going to the well to fill her pots so they could have fresh water with their evening meal. As she came over the hill, she saw a man sitting in the shade. He was talking to a woman of Samaria who she knew by sight but did not know well. She heard the words “living water,” as she lowered the bucket into the deep well. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the woman quickly leave and run towards the city. She lifted the bucket and began to pour the water into the pots she had brought. She was curious about the man, but was hesitant to speak to him. As she lifted the bucket, she suddenly felt the bucket become lighter and realized that he was helping her lift the bucket from the well. She smiled and thanked him and asked him if he desired a drink.

He smiled and said, “Yes.” She watched as he drank, and then he returned the cup that sat on the rock of the well back to her. She looked deep into his eyes and felt a sense of sadness and also peace filled her. She felt sorrow, for he had a look of burden in his eyes, but also peace, for she sensed a gentle and kind spirit about him.

“My name is Layla,” she told him, “and I am also an Israelite as you.” He smiled and told her that his name was Jesus of Nazareth. She caught her breath, for much had been spoken about this man. His name was upon everyone’s lips. Many said he was a great prophet, while others said he was of his father the devil. He did not look to be of the devil. She had heard of the power and wisdom of his words and of the mighty miracles he had performed in the name of the Almighty Father in heaven. He looked much younger than she had expected.

“I have heard many things about you,” she said. “I am pleased to have been of service to you, and I desire a word from you.”

“What do you seek, thou daughter of Benjamin?” he asked. He looked into her eyes and smiled. She was suddenly aware of his presence, and she knew he was a great prophet, and much beloved of the Almighty Father.

She answered and said, “I desire to know if you are the Messiah, the chosen one of God.”

He looked at her and said, “Thou knowest.” With these words he turned and walked toward a group of men who had joined him. They talked for awhile then departed. She filled the pots and returned home. All night the words “thou knowest” filled her thoughts. She tried to remember all she had heard about him and finally slept. She never saw him again, but heard of the mercy and love that he showed unto the poor and sick among them.

She heard later of his arrest and was saddened to hear that this kind and loving man had been crucified and had suffered greatly. She also heard that he had been brought back to life, and that his followers were preaching words about this Jesus of Nazareth.

“Thou knowest” were two words that often came to her mind. The years passed, and the young woman married and had five sons. Her life was full of joy, and all was well with her. On a cool autumn day, a servant ran across her field into her house. He told her that there was a man in the city teaching about this Jesus and that he was full of power and had performed many mighty works. She decided to go and hear this man. She saw the multitude and heard the man speak. “Who is he?” she asked a neighbor who stood nearby.

“His name is Peter, and he was with the one called Jesus.” She listened as he spoke, and was captivated by his words and how he spoke of Jesus and said that Jesus was the Son of the Almighty Father and had returned to heaven to sit at his right hand. He spoke of salvation and life eternal. He spoke of many beautiful things. Many mocked him, and some even threw stones. The man called Peter did not seem to feel the blows and kept speaking. When he finished the people began to leave. She lingered and quietly approached him. He asked her what she desired of him. She asked if this Jesus was truly the Son of the Almighty, the promised Messiah. He looked into her eyes and smiled and said, “Thou knowest,” and walked away.

I am the Son of the Almighty God, and I declare unto you this day that Layla, daughter of Benjamin, daughter of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was of my chosen people. Will she be of the first fruits? Thou knowest.