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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

17th Parable- The Perfect Compass

The young man walked across the desert as the heat of the sun beat upon him with intensity. He was alone as he had been separated from his family. He only had a small amount of water with him inside the pouch. Why had he so foolishly wandered off by himself? The caravan had departed while he was off seeking an adventure to break the boredom of travel. He realized that he should have remained at the encampment for once they discovered he was missing, his father would return for him. But he was twelve and close to being a man, so he had followed the tracks of his people. During the night a storm had blown the sand across their trail, and there was no sign to follow. Think about your father. How does he walk? Straight or winding? His father was a man of wisdom for he was a servant unto the Most High God. So he concluded his father would go straight in his journey. So he continued to walk. Then as the night passed, he began to reason within himself that his father might deviate from his course to seek water for his flocks and family. Water would soon become precious to him. He decided to walk to his left in order to seek water. The trail was lost, and now as mid-day approached, he realized he was lost and alone. How would he be found? He was only a boy, and the desert before him was vast and cruel unto the lost ones. Vultures circled above, and he knew he was within their vision. Why had he decided to seek adventure instead of remaining close to his father? In closeness to his father, he was always safe and secure for his father knew the path to walk each day.

His father told him he had the greatest compass known to man. When he had asked to see this great compass, his father had pointed to his knees. On your knees with lifted hands will always point you in the desired direction, he had said. Confused, he fell on his knees and lifted his hands. What now he had asked? His father knelt beside him and lifted his hands. The direction comes from the Great Father of all. Look up, my son, lift thy hands, and speak words of praise unto the Almighty God, and He will hear, and He will guide, for His direction is sure. Now in this desert heat, the young man realized that he had within his possession the same great compass. Falling to his knees, he lifted his hands unto heaven and spoke these words unto the Great Father in Heaven.

“Almighty God in Heaven, I am just a boy who desires to become a man. I was foolish in seeking adventure and my own path and leaving my father and family. In my desire for adventure, I became lost. Then I used my own wisdom to correct my error and became even more lost. I hear my father’s words, and I follow his example. I praise Thee, My God, and I beseech your mercy to be upon me. I will die if I remain here alone. I am lost, and only you can save me. I repent of my foolishness and my sin and seek your forgiveness and your help. Please help me and guide me to you. For close to you is where I will find my family.”

What became of this lost boy in the desert? Do you have the faith that tells you he found God and family or does your heart tell you he died of thirst in a barren land? You know this thing for many of you are that boy. Do you perish, or do you use the compass?