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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

16th Parable - To Dance For The King

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. Declare this message unto my sheep, for my sheep hear my voice and answer my call unto them. Let these words guide you unto a deeper repentance, and a closer walk with me and my Father.

The lady danced within the great chamber. She had prepared herself for this night, and now had her opportunity to dance before the great king. All the maidens of the kingdom had been screened, and only twelve had been selected to entertain the king. The music began, and all of the fair maidens danced as the eyes of the kingdom were upon them. The drums beat, and the tambourines clanked in rhythm. She wore a red dress that was of the finest silk of the east. She was nineteen-years-old and danced to please the king. She was from a humble family, and was not interested when the edict had been posted that the king was having a great banquet for his chosen army. They had been to distant lands conquering and defending the land and honor of their nation. One girl had been selected to represent each tribe of her people. She was of the smallest tribe, and was of the least family of the least tribe. She was goaded into dancing by her sisters, and all were amazed when she was chosen to represent her tribe at the great feast.

The music played, and they all swirled and moved in harmony as they had practiced for fourteen days. All eyes were upon them. As the music played, each one would individually dance closer to the king and his mighty generals. Her breath was fast as her turn came to enter the presence of the great king. She saw his face, and looked deep into his eyes of blue. As she danced closer, she saw his face was ruddy and his skin weathered from many days in the field. He was not the largest man present, but he was clearly the chosen one of the great Father. For he too had been the youngest child and of the least family of his tribe. His name was known across the land. King David, chosen and beloved of the Almighty Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Their king! He smiled with delight as his men laughed and reveled in the joy of this night. He smiled at her, and then the next maiden danced forward.

That night came to her often. She was much older now, and the days had not been kind to her. She sat upon the bed and felt the silk of the red dress she wore that night. In her sad times and lonely times, she would hold the dress, and in her mind, she would dance. “Foolish old woman,” she would say. Why do you think upon the night of thy youth? It was but one night and a thousand nights have passed, which brought greater joy unto you. Her legs were weak now, and she moved slowly about the modest home. The spring of the step was gone. She was tired, and returned the priceless dress back to her trunk and returned to the fire. Their mighty king was gone, and his son of wisdom too had passed. Their current king was not cut from the same cloth, and their nation had lost some of the power and prestige of past days. Why was a red dress her favorite possession? Why did this one memory haunt her above all others? It was but one night out of 86 years of nights. Old woman, who would now believe that you once danced for the king? The years pass, and many things change. Youth is fleeting, and life has many moments, but what is greater than to be in the presence of the king?