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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

15th Parable - The Quiet Place of Rest

I am the Lord Jesus Christ, and I declare this parable, this message of hope, unto all the inhabitants of this earth, for today this will be read of my remnant, but soon the words given unto you shall be read by the people of this earth. I am the Son of the Living Father in heaven, and these are my words unto you. See the beauty of my words. Let them guide you each day. Learn of me. See the paths of life that you must choose.

The old man was nearing the top of the hill. The climb had taken him so much longer than it had in days gone by. It was only yesterday it seemed that he had raced up this hill to reach the quiet pool upon this small mountain. The years come unto all men. His legs were stiff, and his back hurt from the climb. He desired to sit upon the rock near the small waterfall and gaze into the crystal clear water of this mountain stream. At the base of the falls was a pool that he had swam in as a young boy. How many hours had he spent here is his youth? Oh to grow old and see life pass as sands within the glass! He rested but a moment and proceeded onward. He could hear the water falling over the rocks. There it was- his quiet place of rest, his sanctuary from the tempest of life. He smiled as he saw the prints of the deer that had recently been here to drink. No animal appeared to be about. The only life he saw were the butterflies upon the golden flowers that lined the ground as a mat of color. He walked to his favorite rock and sat and listened to the beauty around him. Oh how sweet was this quiet place of rest!

He listened to a hawk fly overhead and gazed upward into a sea of brilliant blue. This was his favorite place. His place of quiet rest. He remembered yesterday’s events. He saw the news that evening as he had his meal. There were riots within Europe and what appeared to be holy wars between men and women of differing faiths. Men would die in the name of Allah and in the name of God. All men needed a place like this- a place of quiet rest. He was saddened by what the world had become. Men seemed to lack values, and were so easily swayed. He was alone now. His wife had gone several years before, and his three sons were in some distant land seeking gold and riches. The cry of the hawk brought him back to his place of rest. Dear Father in heaven, I thank you for this place. His knees ached, but he wanted to kneel and pray to the Great Ones in heaven, for although he often failed to express it, he believed in the Almighty God and his Son. Kneeling within his place of quiet rest he spoke these words:

“Merciful Father in heaven, great and Holy art thou, my God. You are worthy of all my love and all my praise. I have not been before you in many days, but here in my quiet place, I feel close to you and your Son. I need you this day, Father, for the world seems to have gone mad. There is death within our nation, and darkness spreads like an evil fog across our once great land. Be with me, Almighty God. Restore peace unto me. Take me to thy quiet place of rest. Let me know thy peace. This pool reminds me of your Son, and how he is the shepherd who leads me unto the still waters. I need you my Lord Jesus, for I am alone and lost and confused. Give me thy love, and let me feel your holy presence upon me. Take me to thy heavenly throne, to thy presence always. Take me to your quiet place of rest. Let me feel the power of thy resurrection, my Savior and King. I commend my life unto thee.”

The days ahead will bring much darkness upon the green valleys and spacious plains. Seek my quiet place of rest. Hear the Shepherd’s call, thou sheep of Israel, for I desire you to let me lead you to the valleys of comfort and peace. Seek me. Seek my father. Seek my quiet place of rest.