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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

The Wife of The Warrior


The wife of the warrior knows sadness and tears,
Onward to glory goes the valiant ones, who cries in the night?
Onward to victory mighty man, who holds the child alone and cold?
Onward to battle leader of men, who cherishes the scent of the pillow?

Fight valiantly, fight with fierceness, do the chores, do the tasks,
Fight for honor, fight for glory, do the work, do the work.
Oh woman of valor, you fight the unseen enemy, the strong ones,
You fight loneliness, you fight weariness, you fight fear.

Mighty woman of God, you fight alone. No one guards your side,
You fight without shield and sword, you fight alone.
The wife of a warrior, be strong thou daughter of God,
For the wife of the warrior is made of the strongest steel.

Cry unto me in the night; ask my hand to shield,
Cry unto me in the day; let my strength be your guide and stay.
Wife of the warrior, who wraps your wounds and encourages?
It is I, the Almighty God; I am with the wife of the warrior.

Man and woman are the power of one. Seek my desires, cherish your wife, love your husband. Seek me always. I am that I am and I desire unity in marriage. For I seek men and women to be my warriors. Warriors of God!