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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

The Love of The Father

Praise the Almighty, lift up his Holy name, for he is the God above all things. He wishes that his children would seek him. It is his desire to see all men live a life of righteousness. Why must we wander from his Son? His Son is the good shepherd who laid down his life for all of his sheep. Satan has deceived this world with his lies. He has convinced them that God either does not exist or that he is distant, cold and uncaring. Your Father in heaven is love. His mercy is everlasting. He is gentle and merciful to those who seek his face. Fall upon your knees, repent of the evil within, ask my Son to remove every stain and I will forgive you. This world seeks its own pleasure and thinks not of consequence. Sin has a bitter price that all must pay. My ways are perfect and lead to life everlasting. Yet most choose the ways of darkness and confusion. Lift up your hands that seek wickedness, seek me and I will be found of you.

I know everything you think, everything you say, and everything you do. Can man hide from his father and their Savior? Why do you pretend to be a beacon of light yet have your life rooted in darkness? Ask me to root out all darkness and evil from you. I will shine my light upon you. I will wash you clean and purify you. Donít you want what is best for all those you love? Why does this evil and perverse nation think I am not the same as they? For you are of me. Man was created in my image. You are after my own kind. You are made to be in me. Life is full and complete when lived in surrender unto my Son and unto me. I can guide you down every path. I can assist with every task, every decision. I am not only found in the majestic and the mighty, but also in the small and seemingly insignificant things. What aspect of your children's life is not of interest to you? What blessings would you give if you had the power? What evil would you protect them from if they sought your help? I am the good Father in heaven. I seek to pour love and mercy upon you. I desire long lives for you. Lives full of joy and happiness. Life full of light and truth. I want you to experience the fullness of knowing me. I am not distant from you. Yea the deep things of me are of the spirit for I am not flesh, but even things of the flesh can be known of me. I can make your life richer and full if you will call upon me.

My Son loves you. He died for you. He is calling many unto him. Let one of the chosen ones be you. Call upon the Lord Jesus. He will hear and he will answer you for his love and mercy is without end. Look up to the clouds, let my light shine down upon you. Seek my Son while there is time. For the days of light will soon give way to utter darkness. For the dark and evil one prepares his chosen one to deceive this world. The great deceiver prepares his son of darkness to pounce upon the weak and unknowing ones. Prepare for the darkness. Let me cloak you in the armor of light. Seek my place of knowing. Call on me each day and I will hear you and will guide you.