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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

Jesus Christ's Format for Church Services

I am the Lord Jesus and I desire men and women of my flock to live at peace and to allow no strife to be within your gatherings or in your conversations. I am your shepherd. Be as a leaf upon the river and let me guide matters in your life. These are the ways to conduct your service before me. I am in your midst. Follow the pattern of worship as given and also do the following, for I desire a deeper understanding and a deeper love to be within my people.

1. Adhere to the principles of worship for they are the pattern to have services that will be desirous and good in our sight.

2. Pray for the sick among you every week. Do not let the flock depart prior to having prayer for those in need and for each other.

3. Sing songs of praise. The service should be filled with the joyful sound of music. Gather 30 minutes before you begin to teach and sing thy praises and pray. Sing and pray before you begin to read and study my word.

4. Take turns reading from my word. Let different members of the flock read scriptures that were placed in their heart the week before my Sabbath day. Limit this to 3 to 4 readings.

5. Have my servants give messages to my people and to their flock. The messages can be delivered or can be interactive. This should be 45-60 minutes.

6. If you have provision, enjoy food with your brethren and discuss the words given and the readings and the prayers.

7. You can then have additional study, more singing, more prayer, more reading of my word, or just fellowship. But before you depart, I desire that you all kneel and hold hands and pray before the Father and ask him to be with you. Do it as a group if small or divide into groups of 10 if large and pray together as you hold hands. Let the spirit of the Father bind your hearts together.

This is the format I desire:
1. Read the pattern of worship.
2. Pray for our presence and pray for the sick and each other.
3. Sing songs of praise, or offer up prayers of praise.
4. Scripture reading and discussion.
5. Messages given.
6. Food/fellowship.
7. Group prayers to bind you to me, your Father and to each other.

I desire much prayer and singing when together for you need to support each other and these things build your strength and draw you closer to me and to one another. Follow this format for this is my desire. You can build in more songs and prayer if desired; just ensure that the pattern of worship is followed.