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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

God's Mercy

Mighty are your ways oh Father in heaven. Your glorious mercy knows no bounds or limits. As the stars stretch forth across an endless universe, so does your mercy unto those who seek you. To those who bow before you in repentance seeking your tender mercy. Oh great are the tender mercies of God. He lifts up the broken hearted and gives comfort unto the down trodden. He moves with swiftness to comfort those who cry out unto him in true repentance. He seeks to comfort his people. He desires their acknowledgement of his mercy and tender ways. For our God truly is a God of love. God is love. He is mighty and powerful, but he is slow to anger and fast to forgiveness. He loves his children and only wants the very best for each one. Why do you continue to hide from me? Why do you not seek to enter my gates with lifted hands and broken hearts? Why do you you continue to seek the false voice of the evil one? My voice, my son calls unto you. He is the good shepherd who will lead you unto peaceful waters. The quietness of the place of knowing is for those who seek my presence, to those that stay in my presence. The veil was rent in two, you have permission to enter into my throne. Why do you try to live and walk outside of the most holy place? Come unto me and enter my gates with praise and thanksgiving.

Call unto me and I will answer you. Tears of repentance fall like rain upon the mercy seat of heaven. They mix with the blood of the lamb and fall at my feet. I remember the day my Son shed his blood. I remember his love for you. I remember his willingness to lay down his life for you. As I see the tears and his blood, I turn unto his precious face and he smiles and nods unto me, and my mercy always falls upon those who seek my Son in true repentance. Is there a limit to the number of drops in the ocean or the number of stars in the sky? For you see my mercy as the ocean, you limit the amount of water, yet my mercy is as the stars. My tenderness and mercy is never ending. From end to end, so shall my mercy be upon you. I wait for the tears upon my mercy seat. Cry before me, confess your sins unto me. Seek my face, for I will be found of you, I will answer you. Look upon a woman with a small child. See the care and tenderness as she feeds and cares for him. See her caress of love, her gentle kiss and you see how the Almighty is unto my little ones. Feel the tender kiss of the Father, feel my gentle caress. seek me while I am found of you, for the days of judgement shall soon be upon you. Repent you evil lambs, turn unto me and let your tears call unto me for mercy.