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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix


Hope is a beautiful gift. It springs forth in the hearts that search for me. For those who seek my presence and seek my will. Gather the people together and proclaim the mighty promises of the Father and his precious Son. For these promises are sure and correct and nothing in them shall be stayed. Rest your confidence in me for I am God. I am the Eternal. I shall never fail you or desert you. Lean upon my Son, for he is the precious Lamb that took away your sins. Wash in his blood. Ask him to remove every stain, every evil and dark place that lies within you. Hope is the power of the Lord. Hope calls you to deep, the hope that I am that I am. The hope that I will deliver the prisoners and give light unto darkness. There is no darkness in me, only light and purity. Hope conquers fears, hope lifts up. Hope lets you soar to eagles height. Man hopes in himself, in his intellect and his power of thought and reason. Man looks to himself for the answers. My sheep look to the shepherd. Total surrender is the key to unlock the door to hope. Why does man not see the hopeless state of having hope in anyone or anything besides me? Why does man search everywhere to prove their lies and not turn to the Almighty God of truth? They search for me in darkness, but it is in the light that I dwell. I dwell in brokeness and humility. Let hope spring forth inside you. believe my promises, believe that I am. Believe that I live within you. The power is inside you to do all that is needful. Come to me in submission and prayer and I will be with you. My Son shall guide all who have their hope in him. For my Son has conquered this world. He has conquered death and he will lead you unto victory and life everlasting. hope springs forth as rivers of pure, clean, living water from the well spring of brokeness, love, faith and hope. Seek my face, seek my will, seek my words for in me there is perfect faith, perfect love and perfect hope. The word of the Lord Jesus calls unto you. He is your shepherd, answer his call. Place all hope and trust in him. Release the hand which tries to steer the ship upon the waters. Be as a leaf which falls from a tree into the river of life, let the water take you where it will. For the living water will release you. It will lead you to the power of absolute surrender. Lay all things at my feet. Keep nothing back from me as I want all that you are to be in me. For in me you exist and move. Let me be your all in all. Come before me lowly and broken, ask me to place my hope of eternal power and glory deeply within you. Seek me early and search for me as life's routines unfold. For I am in the morning sky, I am in the mid day sun, I am in the evening shadows. I am never far from you. Seek me early and often. Let me be your guide. I shall lead you as a gentle shepherd. My hope calleth unto your hope. Place your trust in me, for I am with you and my mercy and my promises never fail. Come unto me and surrender.