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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

Fourth Parable - Complete In Him

Listen to the wisdom of the voice that calls unto you. The Lord Jesus Christ calls you to walk uprightly before Him, to obey his voice and his will. The will of the Savior is in complete harmony with the will of the Father. You need to follow the urges within, to listen to the quiet voice that directs. The Son of God will lead you and guide you.

A woman left her home to marry a man of a kindred tribe. It was a marriage arranged by families, and she had no say as to the man she would marry. During the betrothal she did get to speak unto him a few times. He seemed to be a godly man and there was kindness in his eyes. They were married according to the traditions of her people, and there was much joy. After the wedding, she loaded all of her possessions and traveled with her husband to his home. There she found long days of work and heavy burdens. They lived the life of tillers of the soil, and there was always much work to be done. Her husband was a quiet man and rarely spoke to her. He wanted many sons so would come unto her often.

The years passed and she bore him no children. The light of kindness changed to one of hostility toward her, for he blamed her for her lack of fruitfulness. After a few more years, he took a younger wife, and she was moved to the servants' quarters and lost all status within the household. It was then that she began to pray.

"My Father in heaven, thy name is above all names. You hear the infants cry. You see the struggles of man. Your heart is tender unto the lost and downtrodden, to the poor and hungry. I come before your throne and beseech your tender mercy to be upon me. My life is lost, for all I once had is gone. I lost my life due to nothing I did, so I pray that you let me be seen with thy heavenly favor. You cloak your creation in loveliness. Cloak me with thy humility and kindness. Make me thy handmaiden. Make every day bring the light of mercy and joy unto my paths. Guide my steps. Measure my ways. I have no one but you, oh Father. Have mercy upon me, and let me be thine."

The woman said this prayer each night and woke up with peace each morning. She often prayed that her husband would come unto her again, but he now had many sons from his other loves. She lived the life of love unto the heavenly Father. She died full of days and with a heart full of peace, for she knew the love of the heavenly Father.

Life takes many twists and turns. The path will wind along the hills and valleys, but dust you once were, and dust you shall be. Let the love of your heavenly Father be what fills up and satisfies all things. Let what is missing be found complete in Him.