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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

The 64th Parable - Tears Before Laughter

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. These are words to help you to understand that there should be joy in walking in the light. It will also show you the sadness of a life that was lived based upon doctrinal misunderstanding. The ways of the Almighty God are the ways unto great joy and happiness. There is laughter and joy in the presence of the Almighty God, for he is the God of laughter. There is much sadness in the world, and the root of all sadness is disobedience to the laws of the Great I AM. The purpose for man is to be in the light. Following the ways of light brings great joy and happiness. Man is complete when he walks in the fullness of our love and our mercy. This parable is about a man that I greatly love. His name is Bernardo, and he was a boy who loved to run and play. He filled his home with laughter, and there was a mischievous grin upon his face often. He was from a poor but devout family, and when he was twelve he was presented to a monastery to become a monk. It is the life he lived, but it was not the life he would have chosen. Learn from his life; learn the joy of serving me and serving my Father. Live life in the light and presence of the Almighty, live life with joy and with laughter.


“The boy is to go to the monastery next week where he will be trained in the ways of God. He is to be devoted to the church, and live his life in the service of God. That is my will and I will not allow your words to affect my decision.”


“But Hubert′, he is such a silly boy. He loves to run and laugh. He sings and has such joy playing each day. His will be a life of misery. How will he ever be able to be serious, and how could he live a life of poverty, or take a vow of silence? Have mercy my husband and reconsider.”


“My decision is not to be questioned my wife. Bernardo will become a monk, and will be devoted to the church. It is God’s will, and it shall be as I have established. I take him tomorrow as has already been established.”


That night Bernardo’s mother kissed his cheek and rustled his locks of unkempt hair, and then came before us in prayer. She was sad, but she lived in a time when religion was more important than joy and laughter, and a woman could not go against her husband without retribution. She came to pray in her sorrow, and I give you her words of that night.


“Blessed mother and blessed Father in heaven. I come before you in deep sorrow for my son shall leave me tomorrow. I love the church, and I am proud that my son shall serve you, but I know he will struggle, for he has not lived a life of discipline. He loves laughter and is better suited to be a jester than to be a monk. Bless him my Father and keep him safe. Give his teachers great patience as they train him in the ways of the order. Guide his life, and let him become a good servant. Lead him to another order where he will not be required to take a vow of silence. The only time he is silent is when he sleeps or eats. He will never be able to be silent my God. I love him, and he is a good little boy. We are poor, and the order will feed him and clothe him and he will be cared for. He is very smart so I know he will learn his lessons well, but how will he learn to live life without laughter? Is laughter of you my God? Is joy and happiness the way of God or the way of evil? I wish I knew these things. Bless Bernardo and keep him in thy care my God.”


The Benedictine Monks were deeply devoted men in the days in which my servant Bernardo lived.  Their doctrine was based on our word, and based on tradition and misunderstanding of our law. We desire men to live lives in our service, and to be dedicated unto us, but it has never been our will for men to suppress joy and laughter. God is the God of laughter, and he laughs as do I. Bernardo was a boy with a heart that sang, and his was a life of misery, but he found joy in prayer and joy in my presence. His father took him to the priests that would teach him the ways of the order that he would eventually join. He did take a vow of silence, but that was just for the others of his order. He spoke to me often and he sang, for his was a heart that could not be silent. Learn from the life of this good man.


“Boy, you are to pay attention to all that I give you. I have words of wisdom and you will pay attention. I beat you each day with this rod, and still you sit there and smile. No more smiles. Service to the church, and to the great God, is not to be frivolous. It is a somber and solemn walk that we tread each day. You are highly intelligent, but you must lose the ways of joy and laughter. The devout men of God are to be dedicated to God.”


“Sir, I mean no disrespect. I have great love for the church, and great love for God, but, I do not understand why laughter and smiling is a sin. Where does laughter begin? I have heard small babies laugh with delight. What thoughts make them laugh? Is laughter an evil thing father? I will be diligent and will learn all that you teach me. I will not fail in the work set before me, but I do wonder if maybe God himself is a God of laughter.”


“Silence foolish boy. God is a God of wrath and vengeance. You are to tremble and fear in his presence. There is no laughter in heaven, and you are to speak of this no more.”


Bernardo completed his training, and his vows, and became a monk. He settled into an existence that had very little joy. He was a follower of misguided men who felt that being deprived of physical pleasure and comfort would somehow make them fit vessels unto my Father. My Father is love, and he is merciful. We desire men and women to serve us with joy, and to feel the fullness of our love and our joy. When he was thirty-five years old, Bernardo began to speak to me each night. Instead of prayers, he would tell me stories of his day, and would laugh about the silly behavior of the pious men who surrounded him. He would also sing to me, and he found joy in our presence. He was dutiful in his service as a monk, but longed for the time he would spend in song and laughter. He chose a room which was dark and damp, but it was far from the others, and gave him the freedom to speak to us, and to sing and to laugh, and on occasion he even danced before us. We blessed him with a heart of joy, and many a night he would laugh as he told me his stories of hope. He saw the beauty in all things, and he saw the humor in most every situation. He had the gift of laughter, and I blessed him with peace and protected him from the other men of his order. No one ever knew the laughter and joy which filled his nights in our presence.

“Dear Father and dear Lord Jesus. I come before you with joy. I know that you both laugh, for I see the humor in so many things around me. In your creation I see love, but I also see humor. Brother Francis has the nose of a donkey, and ears to match, so how can one look upon him and not feel a giggle deep within? Today he slid on the ice and landed upon the rose bushes. His vow of silence was broken, and the words he spoke were not the words of a monk! I had to walk quickly to the tower so I could laugh my Father. Sometimes I believe you cause these events just to bring life to this dreary place. We hear the children of the village play and run with laughter. How I envy them. Oh Father, to take off my shoes and walk in the mud with them, or to pull my wooden sword and slay the dragon, or save the damsel in despair. I miss the joy of life, and the joy of laughter. I cherish these times, dear Lord, for I know that you are a God of joy. We are made in your image and likeness, so you have a mouth, and I doubt it is bent in a permanent scowl. Thank you for the slippery ice my Father, and thank you that he suffered no injury but to his pride…well maybe a little to his bottom, but thank you great God.”


Bernardo lived his life in the same monastery. He devoted himself to the duties of his order. He never traveled, but he had many adventures within his mind, and within his dreams. We gave him the most wonderful of dreams, and allowed him to experience wonderful joy as he slept peacefully upon the straw mattress in his cold and damp room. My Father has all power, and knows every part of the universe. He sees every sunset and every storm, and has the love that fills every aspect of the universe. Bernardo had dreams of the magnificent places of the earth. We took him to the uttermost parts of the world, and we let him laugh and have great joy. Dreams are powerful, and we do communicate with man through his thoughts of the night. Dreams contain lessons and messages of love and hope, but, dreams are also designed to bring laughter and joy. They are full of bright colors and seem so very real. They speak to the spirit, and in the spiritual realm, they are very real. Bernardo laughed in his dreams, and he lived a life of joy in our presence. He lived to be full of years, and just weeks before his death he came before us in prayer. He never wrote his stories, but they are recorded in heaven. Someday you will meet this joyful man, and he shall fill your hearts with joy and laughter. His laugh is hearty and will cause laughter to spread like dandelions in the wind. He is special unto me, and shall have a place of honor in my kingdom of light. He blessed me with laughter as I blessed him with a heart of joy that could not be broken even in days of gloom and misunderstanding. I give you his prayer, and the poem that he wrote, it is called, “tears before laughter”, and is the title of this parable of love.


“My Father and my Savior, I grow old. My bones ache, and the dampness of this room sinks deep within me. I still prefer it here, for here I can laugh and share my stories of joy with you my God. I had quite the dream last night. Thank you for the freedom of my dreams. You have shown me a bright and wonderful world my God. Last night I dreamt that I was again a little boy. I was running swiftly through the forest, and could hear the birds singing their praises to you. I came upon a waterfall and a meadow of beautiful flowers. There by the peaceful waters I met a man. He was quite merry, and had a laugh that boomed like thunder my God. He told me stories that had me aching with laughter. What a joy it was to spend time with him. So many dreams, and so many sights have I seen. My life with you has been full my God. Even in this place of foolish and pious men I have known joy. These are good men my Father, but they have a view of you that is not true. You are a glorious God, and one who desires our hearts to overflow with joy. I look forward to seeing you at your throne my God. Are there court jesters in heaven my Father? That is what my dear mother felt I was most gifted to be. A monk who is a jester ha, ha! My God, there is more truth to that than these men could ever acknowledge. Oh my Father, thank you for the life of joy that has replaced the sadness of this place. I love you, and I desire to share words with you about tears and laughter. I live in a world of despair. There is frequent death, and disease spreads rapidly for men follow the ways of evil. But, in the darkness there are still moments of joy. Today I was walking near the town, and walked into a farmer’s field. There I saw the skull of a donkey and from the socket for the eyes grew a beautiful flower. There will always be death, and there will always be flowers. I choose to see the joy even in the midst of sorrow. I have these words to speak before I close my eyes in rest, for I know my time is near.”


Tears before Laughter


Children are born with cries and tears, why must there be tears before laughter?

The woman who delivers cries tears of pain, and then comes her laughter.

Must we know pain my God to experience the joy of laughter?

In my life there are always tears, but tears give way to laughter and joy.


Man seeks to walk his own way, and go against the light of heaven,

He sins against the heavenly light, against parent, and brother, and his God.

He walks the way of darkness and does evil in thy sight dear God,

But, you allow him this path, you allow him to know tears before laughter.


The baby dies in the night and his mother knows great sorrow and sheds many tears,

There is anguish in her nights, and grief fills her heart each day my God.

Then one day a memory comes unto her and she laughs, but then feels guilt in joy,

But you, merciful God, send her love and you give her joy and laughter.


Great God, I have shed many tears, but I have also known great joy,

There are tears before laughter, but it is the tears which sweeten the laughter.

I have known sorrow and pain, for tears come before laughter,

My days of tears are almost past, now all my days shall be filled with joy.


For in thy presence there will be only tears of joy, and oh how I will laugh,

Tears of sorrow come before the healing joy of laughter and peace.

At your throne I shall cry tears of joy and hear the laughter of heaven,

Yes, tears come before laughter, I cry so I may know the joy of laughter.






Be filled with joy my people. Cry tears in the season of tears, and laugh with joy when the laughter of heaven comes upon you. Life in our service is a life of joy. We do not promise that you will never know sorrow or pain. Many have died a martyr’s death and this shall continue. Some die due to sickness or accident. Life is sometimes filled with pain and sorrow, but life should also be one of joy and laughter. You are within a temple of clay for a season. Listen and you shall hear the trumpet sound and shall rise up unto everlasting life; for it is true my people…tears come before laughter.