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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

The 63rd Parable - The Last Wise Man

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. I am the Lamb of God, and I was born of man to save man from the destruction caused by his lawlessness and sin. You read in our word the story of my birth, and the story of the men who brought gifts, and who came to worship. Through the power of the cloud, I have seen the events that I show my servant this day, and will tell to you in words not recorded in our Holy word. Men scoff and ridicule against my servants, but I, and my Father, do speak unto them. I am inside my people, and we speak through dreams, visions, and utterances of the spirit. David, you are blessed, for you shall see the story of the men who came unto me, Joseph, and Mary. I share this parable, for man worships an imaginary figure more than me. My birth time is not recorded, for it is not our desire that my birth be celebrated, but by my birth, and life, and death as a man, the world does have victory and the way to everlasting life. Praise the Father for his love in giving you this parable to fill you with reverence and worship.


“Listen my friends; we must be correct in our reasoning to follow this star. The star grows brighter since we all first saw it three months ago. I am excited to see the King who came with the star.”


“You are correct, Bacomula, I saw the star in the sky, and a voice from heaven told me to take gifts fit for a king, and to travel to the land of Judea, to the city of Jerusalem, and nearby in the town of Bethlehem I would see the King born to save the world.”


“I, Ariculus, had a similar experience. I have traveled farther than you my friends. I had a dream which told me of these things, and I began my journey before the star appeared, as did our good friend and companion, Waknau.”


“Oh yes, Ariculus, I must have had the night vision the exact night as you, for we are from the same province, but did not meet until we came across our new friends and companions.”


“I was in the field walking in my garden when I saw a young child and a star of great light descend from heaven, and a voice told me to follow the star. My family believes me to be quite foolish, but my life was lived so that I could make this journey.”


“Quite true, Macanikus, we all received visions, and heard words from heaven, and we all follow this star. Unto the world a King is born, a King to bring salvation unto all men upon the earth, unto all who will worship him and the God above all gods.”


Each of the magi, or wise men, was chosen by my Father. All six came from the East, and traveled a great distance to see what the star of God would bring. Ariculus and Waknau lived in China. The other four lived in lands west of them. They were all godly men, and believed in the Almighty One in heaven. They were not of the nation of Israel, for I came unto my people, Israel. The wise men represented the other races of man, and were sent by my Father to show that my life was for all man, and that our love is upon all who walk upon the earth. Each was wealthy, and had been greatly blessed for their goodness and love. They were beloved men, sent to see the appearing of the Son of Man. You read briefly of them in our word. This day you shall learn more of these chosen ones who traveled three months and longer. They all met along the road, and instantly knew their destination was the same. They were men of great love, and wise in the ways of mercy, kindness, and tenderness. They were very special men.


“Pardon me young woman. We have traveled far and seek to know if we are close to Bethlehem. We are from the east, and follow a star sent by God, to find the King of glory.”


Bethlehem is only a day’s journey from this place, but if you seek the king, his name is Herod, and he lives in the city of David, called Jerusalem.”


“I have heard of this king, but the King we seek is a young child, a child of promise, a child sent unto man by the Great Father of all men.”


“Father, these men seek a king, a king born in Bethlehem.”


“Ha! Bethlehem, that place is not fit for dogs, let alone a worthy place for a king. If you seek the king, go unto Herod. My brother serves in his palace, and can obtain you audience if you come bearing gifts.”


“We shall save our gifts for the child of God who has come to be the Savior of all men.”


You read in our word how Herod heard of these wise men, and had them escorted to his throne room so that he could learn the time and place of my birth. As given, these wise men knew that Herod was evil, and answered him elusively, and departed to seek the place of the heavenly star.


“Those men are here because the Messiah has come. I do not need this to become known, for the people seek their Messiah to lead them to freedom. There shall be no more kings in this land. Call my counselors and have them advise me of the words which speak of this child of God.”


“As you desire my lord.”  “Mighty king, may I speak?”


“Yes, say what is upon your mind.”


“My brother came to me this morning and told me that he met these men at his well, and they spoke of going to the town of Bethlehem.”


“Excellent! Catch up with these men, and give them this gift to present to the new king when they locate him. You follow them, and let me know his whereabouts.”


“We are close my friends. The star has come closer unto us and shines brightly this night. Let us stay here this night, and we will be led to the King of Man tomorrow morning, for he is at this place.”


Look closely David and you shall see Joseph as he tends to his father’s flocks, and see Mary inside the home. Look and you shall see the infant she holds close to her. Hear the joy as Joseph sings, and the love of the song of the woman chosen of the Father.


“Blessed be the name of the Great I AM, the Holy One of Israel,

Blessed be thy word and thy love, oh how I love thy ways oh Lord.

Blessings have come unto me, blessed are we among men oh God,

We have your Son! The King of glory shall be mine to love and teach.


Great is my love for your Son. Father, great is my love for you,

I praise you for your mercy and your tender love unto me and my wife.

Great blessings fall down upon this house, to all who enter in,

Great blessings, precious sweet child, Son of Man and Son of God.”



“Greetings my friend, we bid you greetings. We have traveled far to reach this place. Unto each of us came a heavenly vision of the birth of the Savior of man. Each of us is from the east, and have traveled many long weeks to come unto this place. The star has led us here. Is the child King here?”


“My wife Mary is within the house, and she holds the child that you seek. I know that God has sent you, for I had a dream that you would come. We have tarried here waiting for you to arrive. Come my friends; see the young child that you have traveled so far to behold.”


“Sleep little one, sleep the sleep of peace, feel my warmth, and feel my love,

Son of God, blessed child of promise, blessed child of my great joy.

You shall be the gift unto man; you are the child of God, his chosen Son,

I love you sweet child, I love you, and I tenderly hold and caress you.”


“Mary, the men of my dream are here. They seek to behold the very Son of God.”


“Welcome, welcome. He is asleep, but come forward and I will let you hold the child you have traveled so far to see.”


Each man came forward and held me as a small child. I give you their words spoken in a time of great joy. From their words you shall see why they were chosen by my Father.”


“I am Bolamar, I bow and worship the blessed Savior of all men. I have traveled far little one, far to worship the King of the earth. What joy! I hold the King in my hands. Oh how wonderful and beautiful he is. Blessed Father in heaven, I come unto your Son with gifts fit for the King of heaven. Accept my gifts of love unto your Son. I have lived seventy-five years, and I rejoice this day, for this day is the greatest day I have known. Hear my prayer for this child oh God; give him wisdom to know the paths of goodness, give him the heart of humility. Let him be a king unto all nations and peoples. Give him the heart of love. Blessings upon this child and all of this house,”


“I am Bacomula, I am a prince among my people, but I bow and I worship this blessed child. He is beautiful, and I see that he is well fed and much loved. I cry tears of joy as I hold the King of Man, the blessed Messiah of all men, blessings unto my King. I bring you gifts my King, gold and precious stones which will allow you to travel and learn the ways of wise men before you take your Holy throne. Hear my prayer Great Father, I place my hand upon thy Son’s head, and ask you to impart unto him the gift of laughter. I see much sorrow and heavy burdens in his life, for he has come unto the world for the world. Give him the gift of joy my Father, let his years of sorrow be preceded by many years of great joy and laughter.”


“I am Ariculus; I worship my King and the Prince of Heaven. Blessed are my eyes, for they see the face of God in the flesh. Blessed are my ears which hear his sighs and sounds of contentment. Blessed are my hands, for they hold the Son of Heaven. Hallelujah, praises unto my King! Great Father, bless this child with all heavenly gifts. I ask that you bestow a tender heart upon this child, let him have great compassion which will lead to tender mercy. Great kings are servants, and let him be the greatest king to have walked among men. Let him always be obedient unto you oh God. Give him strength of heart to face his great trial. I shall come back to him if it be thy will oh God.”


“I am Waknau, I laugh with joy, for this is the moment I have waited for. I kiss the brow of the King of Man and the very Son of God. Blessed am I among men to be given this highest honor. I rejoice, and my heart overflows my Father. You are the Mighty One of heaven, there is none before you, and this child has been sent from you. Accept my gifts of spices from the east, and rubies, pearls, and incense. You are my King, a child, but my King. Father, hear my blessings upon your Son. Give him the courage of the lion, and the strength of will as the mighty elephant. Let him be steadfast in truth, gird him with righteousness, and cover his feet with peace and kindness. Let him walk the paths of heaven; let him be heavens light upon earth. Give him all thy favor and power oh God.”


“I am Macanikus, and I too have great joy this day. Blessed be this child, this great King. I bow and worship with joy and reverence. I shall like to hold him, for I am a common man that God has prospered. I have never been in the presence of kings. I am wise in the ways of commerce, but rather clumsy in the halls of princes of great dignity. Blessed Messiah and beloved Son of the Great One above all, hear my blessings this day, and accept my gifts of gold and precious stones. Oh my Father God, the God of all men, the creator of all races and types of men, I worship you, and I worship your Son. Bless him with steadfastness; let him be the rock which is unmovable in any storm. Let him be of the foundation of heaven, give him the power that is of you. Let him be unmovable in every trial and temptation common to men, give him the strength of mountains.”



“I am Zuraleius, and it is my honor sweet lady to hold the precious child of promise. I have traveled far to be here, and there is joy and peace in my heart. Great One above all, thank you for your blessings upon me, for allowing me to have this most wonderful of all gifts. I hold your Son. How wonderful that is for me. I have no children of my own, but I see how special this child is. I bring many gifts; for once I die my family will waste all that you have given unto me. Sweet mother, and blessed father who have been given a great and noble task, use the gifts given this day to provide for this child, let him be taught the wisdom of man, but let him be rooted in the light of heaven. Give him a life of love and peace. Hear my words Great Lord above, bless this child with the heart of a child, let him never become puffed up, but let him be assured of his special calling. Fill him with your presence so he will always be of you. Give him faith to know that he is of you, and that he will return unto you. Thank you for your Son, Great God in heaven.”


You read of how my Father sent an angel to Joseph and Mary, and we went to Egypt until the death of Herod. Joseph and Mary were humble and meek, and did not waste the gifts given unto me, which were in their care. Joseph prospered in business when we returned to Nazareth. He and Mary took me on journeys to distant lands. I was schooled in Rome and Greece, and I traveled to the British Isles, and saw much of the world that man has conquered. I was given the training of men, and the love and power of my Father. I am the Alpha and Omega, I am the Son of God, and I am the molder of the clay which became the first man. I gave up my throne to walk as a man, so that I could be the sacrifice for man. Thank me and praise me for my sacrifice.


I will tell you now of these six men. They all returned home and continued to prosper. Bolamar, Bacomula, Macanikus and Zuraleius all died before I was twelve years of age as a man. Ariculus and Waknau lived on, and I visited both of them. Waknau died full of years before my ministry on earth began. The story to be told is about Ariculus, for he was the last wise man. He came to Jerusalem to see me at the time of Passover in the year of my sorrow. He found me the day before my blood was shed for man. He was in great sorrow, for he knew my time, my purpose, had come. He was at Golgotha’s hill the day my blood flowed upon the dust of the earth. Look and listen, and you shall see him at the tomb, hear his song of love my people.


“Sleep little one, sleep the sleep of peace, Son of God, blessed child of promise, blessed child of my great joy.”


“My King, I do not remember all the words, but I shall never forget that day when I first saw you in your mother’s arms. You surely slept. Each of us held you, and kissed you, and asked blessings upon you, and you slept through it all. I have precious memories of you my Savior. I am thankful that I saw you before this terrible thing. I am grieved at the suffering you endured for all of us my King. I love you, and I shall miss you. I leave today for home. I know that someday we shall meet again. Remember me Lord Jesus when you come to establish your kingdom on earth, remember this small man who barely came to your chest. Remember my love for you, and remember my sorrow at your death. Sleep little one, sleep the sleep of peace.”


I am the Lord Jesus; I was not born in the dead of winter as man teaches, I was born in the fall. December is the month of the Romans, and it was the month when the wise men came to see their King. I am the King of glory, do not forget these six men, do not forget Joseph and Mary, and do not forget the love of God who gave his only Son that you should have everlasting life. I walked the paths of righteousness; I now once more sit on the throne of glory. I am your King, and I am coming to establish my kingdom of light, my kingdom of peace, my kingdom of joy.