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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

The Power of the Blood of Jesus

I am the Almighty God in heaven, and there is great Joy in heaven.  We were present when thy youth washed in the blood of my Lamb.  There is great power in the blood of the Lamb of God.  The angels sang and rejoiced when Kristin, Tara, Matthew, and Emileigh entered into my holy covenant.  I am with all my people.  I know you by name and know your every thought, word, and deed.  Let praises be brought before my Son, for his sacrifice has removed every stain.  There is joy at this great Feast.  Declare these words unto my people.  Learn the power of his shed blood.


1.  There is power in my Sonís blood to remove all sin and the memory and regret of sins.  His blood cleanses and removes.  He is a Savior of perfection.  Wash away all sin and be renewed, my people.  Declare thy love; shout hallelujah to the King, for by his blood, thou art redeemed.  Lay all regrets upon my altar, and I shall take them away by the power of his shed blood.


2.  There is power in my Sonís blood to remove the barriers between us.  Do not limit his blood to sin and healing.  His blood restores, removes, quickens, and purifies.  He can take away all barriers in your life if you will surrender.  Call on the power of his blood.  Worship him, praise him, plead the promises and plead the power of the blood to remove.


3.  There is power in my Sonís blood to protect.  My people placed blood upon doorpost and lentil to keep the darkness of death from my firstborn.  The death of my firstborn seals and protects far more than the blood of a lamb.  Pray his blood upon home and family.  Let it seal and protect thy loved ones and neighbors.  See the power in his blood to protect all you hold dear.  His blood is precious, and if placed upon home by hands which trust and believe, it is a most powerful blessing.


4.  There is power in my Sonís blood to remove darkness and strongholds within thy lives and communities.  Satan has strongholds of darkness and you must bind the strongman by my Sonís blood and through fasting and prayer.  His blood is victory and Satan has no counterfeit, no weapon against the power of my Sonís blood.  See the blessing, see the fullness, and bow and praise my Son.


5.  There is power in my Sonís blood to heal.  You have seen our hand of power, and shall see our power increase as you become vessels ready to receive.  You must believe, for the power of his blood is a spiritual law.  When you cry out for mercy and call upon the shed blood of your Messiah, I hear and I see.  I desire thy healing, but all things are in my perfect timing.  Be of faith and never waver.  Cry out and plead the precious blood to heal and cleanse all sickness from thy midst.





6.  There is power in my Sonís blood to restore.  What do you need to have restored?  Has a loved one lost their way?  Are they of the lost and alone?  Cry out for his blood to restore.  See the power of his blood mingled with Hoseaís prayer.  There is restorative power in the blood of the Lamb.  Praise him and praise him and praise him.  Be continuous in thy praise, for he is the power to heal and restore.  He is the gatherer of the lost and alone.  Place the blood upon the names of the lost and call upon him mercy.


7.  There is power in my Sonís blood to wash and purify.  Not all barriers are sin.  He can wash and purify.  The world can make a heart become hard and of bitterness.  His blood can purify and cleanse thy heart.  See the heart of the child.  His blood can restore a childís heart unto you.  At this Feast, consider what needs to be washed away.  Be purified.  Dance as a child of God before me.  Praise my Son.  Be purified and wash in his blood.  Leave this place washed and clean.