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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

The Beauty of Holiness

I am the Lord Jesus, your Messiah and King. Declare these words unto my people for your gathering this night. I am with my people and I guide and I direct. I desire for all to have joy when they come before us. We desire praises from hearts which overflow. My people need to let the light within radiate unto a world in darkness. These are the ways to be lights which shine forth through the beauty of holiness.


1. I desire a holy people. It is not enough to say you love me, your life must reflect joy and love. If you love me, you will be kind and tender to all men, you will reach out and comfort all who seek and need your love. Become holy for we are Holy.


2. Holiness is not achieved through knowledge alone. Holiness is mind, word and action. Can a man be holy who never shares the light of truth with another? Can a man be holy who praises me and then seeks the paths of darkness? I desire light to be within always. Flee sin and flee darkness.


3. Holiness is seen in my reflection. Look to see how I walked when I was among men. Does your life mirror the image of the Son of God? Are you willing to give up comfort, power and reputation? Are you willing to sacrifice daily to become the anointed ones of my flock? My sheep hear my voice and they obey the words of their shepherd.


4. Holiness requires great sacrifice. Can pure thoughts alone make you holy? You become holy through my shed blood and by my presence. You crucify the flesh and walk as I walked. You must subdue your flesh and let the power within lead you in the paths of righteousness. Man can not be holy without the power of our spirit. You must have my Father and Me residing within to become vessels of holiness.


5. Holiness can not be achieved through pious words and actions of men. The Pharisees were men who tried to achieve status by works, yet their works were not acceptable to my Father. Works which glorify you are not of me. Holiness is of my Father. The man who walks in holiness reflects the light of glory and does all for the glory of the Almighty God.


6. Holiness requires my forgiveness and my continual presence. Sin separates you from us. You must repent and wash your robes in my blood to be clean. Once clean, you are to bring forth fruit to grow in holiness. Holiness is seen in a kind word and in sacrifices of love. Holiness is seen in tenderness and kindness unto the Samaritans of your day, the lepers of a world too busy to see.


7. Holiness is to be seen in my people. Righteous life is not beyond your reach. Walk as I walked. Live in me and for me, and let me live in you. I am Holy and I am within temples of clay. Surrender all thoughts, words and actions, and let me lead you each day. Holiness must be seen, for holiness is more than thoughts. Your words and your life must reflect the light of the Holy Ones within. Be faithful and be true. Walk as anointed ones of the Almighty, walk in the beauty of holiness.