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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

Ways To Become A Strong Tower of Hope

I am the Lord Jesus, Your Savior and High Priest. I desire that my people seek to remain within the light, to walk in the fullness of my Father. Barriers remain, and I will help my people draw closer to my Father and closer to me. These are the ways to become a strong tower of hope, for hope is needed. Hope will comfort you when hardship and peril befall you.


1. Hope is a blessing of my spirit. I am the hope of the world. I am my Fathers greatest victory and greatest truth. I am the hope for the nations, and people of all faith, and all philosophies. Man was created to worship my Father and myself, yet man has sought false gods and idols. Let the hope of my return fill you with peace. Share the message of hope with all who will listen.


2. Hope will grow within the surrendered heart. Let me open doors for you. Let me be your champion as I fight your battles and lead you safely through each day. Man is lost and broken. False pride and vain philosophy tries to hide the lost and restless spirit within. Give me your life. I will never forsake you or leave you, that is my promise, and that is your hope. Victory is not a hope; victory is my promise unto you.


3. Hope is for those who believe. Without belief there is no hope. Men hope for a better job, they hope for rain for their crops, they hope that events will occur that will bring them reward. Hope without faith is empty. What do you base your hope upon? Is it your might and power? Base your hope upon the faith that I am the Alpha and Omega, and that I will keep my promises. Believe in me, for I will not fail those who have faith and hope in me.


4. Hope for things which you have not seen. This is faith in action. Men seek to see in order to believe, but you must believe in things not seen. Men who saw my death and resurrection believed, but some denied the glorious power of my Father, others believed and followed. You have not seen with eyes of flesh, but you have seen my hand in your life. You feel my presence. The wind is not seen but it is felt, and you see the trees bend, and the ripples upon the water. I am as the wind, you do not have to see me to see and believe.


5. Hope is a foundation of strength. Hope and faith are brothers of the same root. A heart rooted in faith in our promises will not waver in hope. Men talk about false hope. False hope is when men rely upon their power and their might. My promises are sure. I am the cornerstone, the foundation to be built upon. Place your hope in our word and upon our promises. Your journal of trust will become a fortress of hope. Be strong, find hope and rest in me.





6. Hope alone will not harvest the crop. You hope for rain and blessings. You have faith that my hand will move, but once the blessing is given you must act. The squirrels gather so they will have food in times of dearth. You must act when my hand moves, I open doors and you must take action. Faith requires action, and faith is hope in action. The latter rain will fall and is falling, but hoping to see the lost and alone come unto you, hoping to re-gather my people, will not harvest the crop.


7. Hope is of the spirit, hope is not of the flesh. Why do men hope? Why do men dream? Hope will lift you in times of darkness. Hope is the light of my spirit within. Children have hopes dashed upon the rocks of unfulfilled promises. Misery and disappointment remove the light of hope. Hope in my Father, hope in me, for we shall never fail you. Our will is perfect, and may not always fit your will, but know this, you inhabitants of the world: I am the hope of this world. I shall come with the sound of a trumpet to harvest the first fruits, and I shall return to establish my kingdom without end. Hope and pray, and have faith, for I am the Lamb of God.