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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

Walk As The People of Joy

I am the Almighty God and I am He who sits upon the throne of majesty and power. These are the words for your mid-week gathering. Declare these words unto my people. These are the ways to be of the light, and to walk as the people of joy.


1. Listen to my voice, and listen to those around you. The lost and alone sit next to you at work, you see them in your neighborhood, and pass them on the street, and as you shop. The world is full of pain and sorrow. See with your heart, and listen with ears which hear, and reach out the hands of tenderness and kindness. Discuss ways to help, and ways to hear.


2. I am the Almighty God and I know the hearts of men. You judge based on appearance. Look within; use eyes of the spirit, eyes of the heart. Look to see if there is true joy and peace in their lives. Look to see if there is light. Look for ways to show love to those you meet. Be kind to family and friends, and to the stranger. You are children of the light, and must reach out to those in darkness.


3. Desire a heart of purity so you will remain in my presence. In my presence your heart will be filled with joy which will overflow to others. There is sadness in the eyes of people all around you. Let your joy lift them, let your joy lead them to ask you why you are so happy, and tell them about the love which fills your heart. Lights are seen best in darkness.


4. My people wait for the best moment to speak and declare their faith and love. Each moment is the best moment. Faith and love are not lights which you turn on and off. Let your faith and love be ever present. Smile and sing, and let praise be ever upon your lips. Some may think you are strange, but most will see the light, and wish to know the peace you know.


5. My people have lived lives of seclusion. My law is perfect, but my law is seen best when obeyed through words and actions. Loving me with all of your mind is not enough; love must be expressed and seen. Be excited about the love of Jesus my Son. Be excited that the Great I AM lives within tabernacles of clay. Tell the world! Shout forth, and declare the joy of the world.


6. Prepare for encounters to show mercy. Have provision to help. Have a kind word and a smile for all. Be lights, be seen, and be heard. Be not timid. My chosen ones are to reach out and quiet the storms of life. Gentleness and mercy are to be your cloak each day. Seek the lost and alone. Share words of love and hope. You have all you need, you have me, and you have my Son. Go forth, go and do.



7. Look to see signs of growth. Plant seeds, waters and nurture the plant and look for growth. You look to others, but you must also look within. Where is your fruit? Where is your love and joy? You have learned much, but what have you shared with others? Be strong, pray for open doors and move mightily my people. Go forth, listen and see. Spiritual sight also gives you better vision in the physical and natural realms. Look and see fields ripe for harvest.