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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

God's Plea

I am the Almighty God in heaven.  I AM that I AM, and I speak words of hope and words of pleading unto my people and unto this world.  I am God.  I have always been and forever shalt be.  I have no origin and no end.  There was a time when I was alone with no one to share my goodness, love, and mercy with.  I was perfect, but I was one.  I reached inside and took of my power and spirit, and I created my beloved Son.  He is made from everlasting and shalt be unto everlasting.  As you see with Adam, he was made with the fullness of power.  He is of me, and I love him, as he is my Son, made from my essence and in my image.  Together he and I designed the angels and the universe which man sees.  The angels were created to serve us and to serve the men we determined to make in our image.  Lucifer revolted when pride filled his heart, for he thought it beneath him to serve vessels of clay.  My Son brought light and joy to my life, and I sent my life and joy to be born of man.  He walked this earth in perfection and now sits at my right hand.  He and I are one in love and perfection.  Man was made in our image and our likeness, but my Son is the one who formed Adam and from Adam formed Eve.  They are known in your language by those names; in my language they are known as Alphareus and Windomia, for he was the alpha and she was taken from man.  I have great love for all that my hand has made. 


I am the Almighty God, and I do not take pleasure in darkness.  Darkness has destroyed the earth once except for Noah and his family.  Darkness seeks to destroy you once more, but the token of the rainbow will not allow this to occur.  Victory is won.  I desire the people of this nation to repent and to be adorned with sackcloth and to place ashes upon their heads.  Cry out for mercy before my wrath falls upon you.  I love my Son, and he shall come again unto you.  I beseech the people of earth to repent and call upon his holy name, to wail and cry out for my mercy and his shed blood.  Destruction is soon to be upon you.  There is light in the earth; seek the light and be of the light.  My day, the great and terrible day, is coming.  You shall see many fall at your right and at your left.  Be of those who are spared; be of the light.  I am love, and I am the light that has always shined.  Come before me, thou sinners, and let my light of love shine down upon you.  The days grow short.  Will you see the hope of the time not seen?  Will you cling to a promise given?  My Son will return.  Repent and come unto me, and I will forgive and I will restore.  I am the Almighty, and I have spoken these words through my servant this day.  He who has an ear to hear, let him hear.