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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

I Am The Way

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and High Priest. Declare these words unto my people who gather upon our Sabbath day. These words will comfort you, and help you to be at peace, for I am your tender shepherd. These words will be read by many, but today they are for my little flock. Be strong, for I am with you, and I desire you to grow in me. Seek my paths, for I am the way to life everlasting.


1. I am the way to everlasting peace and joy. Why do you resist my will and seek your own solutions to lifeís challenges?  Surrender all upon my altar and be at peace. Understand the joy of mine and the Fatherís love. Seek me continually; call on my name and my blood to lead you to the glorious light of the Father.


2. I am the way to knowledge and understanding. You have sought understanding by searching our word. You seek to know me and my Father through knowledge. I am found in love, for I am of the Father, and he is love. All of your knowledge is worthless if you do not have love. See that there is perfect wisdom in the two great commandments. In love, you shall gain spiritual knowledge and understanding.


3. I am the way to abundant life and tranquility beyond anything you have known. I desire you to have life that is full and complete. The fullness that brings tranquility is found in my Father. He is perfect in all of his ways. Look to my example; follow as I lead you, for I desire to take you to pastures of quiet rest. You have many battles to fight, but even at war you can know the quiet peace and tranquility of my presence. Seek to understand these things.


4. I am the way to love, and a heart that is tender and kind. My tenderness and love is upon you. I gently lead and guide my people. Why do you seek debate and strife? Surrender all before me, and be the leaf upon the river. I will lead you to the fullness of love, for I love you and desire only good things for you. Be kind and tender unto all men, for kindness and tenderness are absolute laws, and must be in your lives.


5. I am the way to riches of spirit, and abundance of hope. Man seeks material wealth, but my riches are of the spirit. They are seen in the fruits of the spirit, and the fruits of the tree of life. I bring hope to the lost and alone, hope to the weary and downtrodden. I am the hope of the world, and I bring riches which are the treasures of heaven. Surrender all, and become the steward of the heavenly treasure.


6. I am the way to life as was intended for all of man. Man has lost his way, and finds joy in evil or the false joy of religion. True joy is of me and in me. Life lived in my service, and in service to your Father, is life as intended. You are the clay, vessels made to love, serve, and worship the Mighty Ones of heaven. Call unto me for I am the way.


7. I am the way to lasting friendships and love that will never fail. Relationships built upon our law, and our love, will be lasting. Live a life of fulfillment and gladness. Become my disciple, give your life to me and my Father, and know the love that will never die. Friendship and love will be for all eternity for those who learn that I am the way unto everlasting life. In the power found in my name and in my blood, you hold the key to the path that you were chosen to walk, for I am the way.