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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

A Widow's Power



A Widows Power


Old and feeble, lost and alone, does anyone hear, does anyone care?

Fall down and pray, praise me thou precious daughter for I hear.

You love me with your heart, you seek my presence, I am here child,

I see the child, the young bride and mother, I am your might.


Rich men seek to impress and be of the show, they have their reward,

I am seen in the wrinkled hands that lift up in praise, the widow’s mite.

Give me all that you have, I desire heart and mind; let me be thy guide,

There is a power greater than riches, the power of the widow’s mite.


Old you may be, but worship me on bended knee, be mine my child,

Lift up voices of song, sounds of praise, I know the widows power.

It is the power of sacrifice, the gift of all, the gift of love,

I know the widows power, for all is given, all shall be received.


Stand up and lift thy voice, gnarled hands and feeble knees, praise me,

Call on my power; call on my hand, for I am the power of all.

I am the power of brokenness; I am the power of giving and sacrifice,

I am the widows power, for my hand moves and my ear hears.


Great is the power of the heart that giveth all, give unto me and know,

Know the joy of surrender mighty one, know the widows power.

There is power when you trust me for all, power when you seek,

Mighty and rich men, know the widows power, know the love of God.