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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

Solid Rock of Love

I am the Lord Jesus Christ, your Messiah and shepherd. Declare these words unto my people for your gathering upon my Fatherís Holy Sabbath Day. This is a day set aside, a day to come and worship us in the beauty of holiness. I am with my people all over the world and my hand is moving in the hearts of my people. These are the ways to walk in the light of my love. Darkness spreads and the power of evil grows. You must remain in my light as the powers of evil begin to gather in strength and to exert more influence upon what was once a sure foundation. The family unit has suffered and is being destroyed. Follow these words to build a more secure foundation in the days ahead. The way to be a solid rock built upon my love.


1. I am the cornerstone. I am the only sure and mighty foundation for your family and your life. Families are lost and alone for my name is rarely mentioned and humility and godliness have been replaced by extreme pride and sin. Families make allowance for sin. Give no place to the devil, resist him and he shall flee from you. Read my Fatherís word and my word as a family. Let prayers and songs of praises be heard.


2. The family will not stand upon the rock of love if there is stress and turmoil. Love must be seen and must be expressed. You can not build without our presence. Homes where our names are never mentioned are homes built upon sand and shall splinter and collapse when days of trouble come. Teach your children to pray. Teach them my ways and my Fatherís ways. Read the wisdom within our word and live by it.


3. The person who feels that they do not need my presence is truly a foolish person. I am the light of the world and without my presence you are not truly of the light. Man can do good deeds, but without the glorious light your life is of darkness. There is the path of light or the path of darkness. Why does man seek the middle road? I am the light, and in me there is no darkness. Choose light, choose joy and happiness, and choose to build upon the rock.


4. Families can be saved as can individuals. So many feel as if it is too late. As long as there is life, there is hope. Even children raised outside my light can turn toward the light. Parents who have never prayed can fall on bended knee and call unto me and my Father. The darkness spreads, but so does the light. I am the sure foundation. I have the keys to life everlasting. Begin with prayer. Play games together, laugh together, spend time together, sing together, read our word together. You will see the power of light.


5. Men have failed in homes across the world. Sex is more valued than love. Homes are broken due to evil lust and immorality. Let it not be so my people. Seek repentance. I can remove all sin from you. Seek to build godly relationships and godly homes. Your children see the way you walk. Walk clear paths and they will follow. Surrender your life and lay all upon my altar. I can melt the stony heart and I can change the ways of evil. I am the Son of God, trust in me and give your life unto me.


6. Remove evil from your home. Evil invades your family and destroys. You and your family are influenced by music, books and movies which are not of the light. Why does man think he can walk in darkness and remain in the light? Light overcomes darkness, but light gives power to light and darkness will take from the light. Sin is a barrier to our fullness and a barrier to our glorious light. All sin is a barrier my people. All sin separates us from you. Flee sin and walk in the paths of righteousness.


7. Spend time in our presence. Relationships in families grow with time spent together. Time in our presence is needed. Come before us individually in prayer, praise and washing in our word. Families need to also come into our presence. What good have you done if you are firmly built upon the rock and your family is upon the sand? Reach out to your family. Bring them before me often in prayer and I will hear. I am the solid foundation, I am the light, and I desire you to be in my presence often. There is great strength in my presence.


I am the Lord Jesus. I love all people and I desire you to become more active in walking as anointed ones. Others are watching. Let your lights shine unto the world and let them shine brightly in your homes.