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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

I Am Always With You

I am the Lord Jesus.  I am your tender Savior, and great is my love for each of you. I am the Son of God; I am the Alpha and Omega. I am also love, and my love for you is complete and full. I desire my children to hear my words given unto you this night. These words are unto you, but they equally apply to all of my children. Post this message upon the website for others, for my love is for all of man. I am the Savior of man. I gave my life, for I love all men. Like a shepherd, I long for my sheep to return unto me. I will always seek the lost sheep, and am but a cry away. I am as the mother who sits by the bed all night in a hospital as her precious child fights to live. Look to the empty chair next to you, and you will see an angel of light. Look above the bed, and angels are there. See the hand that caresses child and worried parent, for it is my hand that comforts and cares. I hear all prayers for mercy and for healing. Often I do heal and bring joy, often I do not heal, and death claims the joy of your life. Does that make my love for you less? Does that mean that I do not care? My will and my Fatherís will is perfect and we see the end of all things. There are times when death is more merciful. My Father has perfect love, and his tenderness and mercy is immeasurable. I cry when the child dies, I cry when the baby is born weak and not complete.


Much of your sickness is due to disobedience. The nations of this earth have forsaken my ways and the ways of my Father. Your leaders are corrupt and unrighteous men and women. My Fatherís will must be accomplished, and this means there will be suffering and pain.  But, I see beyond the sorrow and pain. I see the mother who stands by a childís grave when the trumpet of resurrection sounds.  I see tears of joy flow down as mother and child embrace and declare their love.  I see the life of those who die, but still I cry when you cry with grief which tears at thy soul.  I am the tender Savior.  Man was made by my hands.  My Father and I hear every prayer; we see every tear and hold them within our hands.  Life has been difficult for some of my people; life has been lifelong misery for others.  Oh how many times I touched your hand and wiped away thy tears, but you did not feel my touch, nor did you hear my tender words of love.  I wanted to gather you into my arms and tell you of my great love, but in your pride you refused to hear.  But I stayed close by, and I never left you, my people.  In sin I had to remove myself, but my angels stayed near.  I want to embrace you with arms of love, but you flee my love and my word.  But some do hear, and some do answer and call unto me.  The angels rejoice, and I, in haste, come unto you and give you joy and peace. 


I have blessed this people beyond measure.  You still have pain, you still founder and fall at times, but I am close unto you.  I send you songs and words of love.  I hear your every word.  I am here, my people.  I sit in the empty chair; I sing when you sing.  My angels fill this house.  I brush back the tears and I give loveís embrace.  Be of good comfort, my children, for I have overcome the world, and victory is won.  When the child is sick and you sit by the bed, look to the empty chair.  Look to the smile that suddenly appears upon a face in pain, and you shall know I am with you.  I have always been with each of you, through joy and sadness.  I do not always save, and pain is felt in life, but I am always there.  I am always with you, my sons and my daughters.  Great is my love for my people.  Great is my mercy unto you.  Be at peace, for I am with you.