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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

46th Parable - Thou Art Ever With Me


I am the Lord Jesus, the Son of the living God, and your King and your Savior. My Father is a God of mercy and a God of great love. This parable is about a man who suffered hardships, but he knew that we were with him. He understood the presence of God, and knew that even in hardship, and when death was upon him, that God, the merciful God above all, was ever with him. Let this parable lead you to a greater appreciation for the continual presence of the Almighty God in heaven.


“Martha, we must not allow the children to run freely upon the deck, for the waves can be fierce and strong. You must keep them close at hand at all times.”


“Yes, dear husband, I understand, but they are children, and we have been on this ship for weeks. They just want to run and play in the sunshine.”


“Martha, it is too dangerous.  They must stay in the cabin with the other children. I know it is hot and miserable, but it is the safest place to be.”


This family traveled by ship from Wales to establish a new life in Australia. The journey was long and fraught with peril. This man had great faith, and each day he prayed faithfully to me and my Father. He was a teacher, and was hoping for a better life in a new land. When they were just days from their dreams, a storm hit which caused the ship to sink. Martha and the children perished in the raging sea. This man is named Thomas Henry, and he lived through the storm, but was yet to face more storms of life. While in ocean deep, clinging to a mast of the ship, he prayed these words unto me and my Father:


“Dear God in heaven. Why do I cling to this broken mast? Why do I cling to life here in this dark sea? My life is gone, for I know that Martha and the children have died. I believe all the good people on board have died. Why did I survive the sinking, my Father? Should I just slip into the depths, or should I hang on? I will hold on, oh God, for I feel your presence, I feel your tender love close to me. I feel your strength as you lift me into your hand. Oh God, I know that thou art ever with me.”


Thomas Henry held on to the mast for three days and three nights, and was picked up by a ship of evil men who sold people into slavery. He was taken to the coast of Africa, and was sold into slavery. He was put to work in a quarry where he was called upon to do hard labor. He slept chained each night, and was beaten frequently. Each day he awoke and was sore from his labor, but would pray unto my Father and always end his prayer with the words, “Oh God, I know that thou art ever with me.”


He was there for seven years before he escaped one night when a drunken guard failed to properly chain his leg. He escaped into the desert, where he wandered hungry and thirsty. He was spared, and we led him to a company of British soldiers. They fed him and took him in, and provided him passage to India. From there he returned home. By the time he returned home, he had been away for ten years. They had sold their home when they left on their journey. He discovered that his parents were now dead. He inherited a small cottage and found work once more as a teacher. One night before the fire, he knelt and spoke these words:


“Almighty God in heaven. I come before you a broken man. I am growing old, and I have nothing. I left here twelve years ago with hope, and with a wife and family. I have suffered great loss. I was beaten brutally in the quarry, and was treated as an animal. I have scars upon my back, and my hands are twisted from the hammer and rock. Lost and alone in oceans deep, lost and alone in dungeon, and lost and alone in desert sun, but no, I was not truly alone, for thou art ever with me. I know that you hear my words, but Great God, I do not understand why I have suffered so much. Why have I lost all that I ever loved, my God? You were with me, but you did not rescue me, my God.”


Thomas Henry became bitter towards the Almighty God and embarked on a journey into darkness.  He became a drunkard and one who sought strange women.  He had years of sadness and despair.  He did not pray, and he tried to forget that there is a God.  In those dark days, my Father was ever present.  He sent his angels to protect Thomas, for he desired Thomas to repent and sing and pray unto him as he had before.  Some may wonder why the God of all things would devote time to a man of darkness.  He loves Thomas, and wanted Thomas to return to his presence.  Your Father’s love never ceases, no matter what you may do.  He is ever with you, my people.


One night Thomas Henry woke up next to a strange woman and he asked her what her name was.  “Martha,” was all she said.  That night he prayed for the first time in several years.  We heard his prayer, and my blood took away the multitude of his sin.  While upon his knees, a song began to form in his mind.  He wrote it that night and sang it to us often.  It was never published and died with Thomas, it may seem, but praises to God never die.  Songs of glory live on, for they are sung in heaven.  The song written by Thomas Henry is sung by heavenly angels this day.  I share the words which he sang:



Thou Art Ever with Me


When I was young and merry, when life was grand and full of joy,

When my wife lay beside me, and my children slept peacefully nearby,

I felt your presence, and I felt your love.  I knew that your light was near.

Oh God, I know that thou art ever with me, ever with me.


When I was in ocean’s depth and life seemed slipping away in the night,

When I was sold into slavery, and beaten without mercy, and felt great pain,

With scars upon my back, and hands which are bent and torn, I know.

Oh God, I know that thou art ever with me, ever with me.


When in desert heat, alone without food and water, death was close,

But thou, oh God, were closer.  You saved my life and brought me home,

Home to a place where all I knew was gone.  My companion was misery and heartache.

But even in my pain, oh God, I know that thou art ever with me, ever with me.

When I became lost in a different storm and darkness was upon me,

When I strayed far from you and your glory, oh God,

When I forsook all that my mother had taught me and became an evil man,

Even in that storm, oh God, I know that thou art ever with me, ever with me.


Tears of repentance fall like rain this day, for now I can see clearly.

Through all of life’s storms and seasons, you were my constant companion.

Thou, the great God in heaven, hold my life in loving hands.  You are my God.

Through all my life, oh God, I know that thou art ever with me, ever with me.



Thomas Henry went back to teaching and walked in the light the remainder of his life.  He died a poor man and was buried in a pauper’s grave.  There are no descendants to bear his name.  There is no statue at his grave.  But he is remembered in heaven, and his grave has been marked and sealed for glory.  My Father is a God of love.  He is a God who will never forsake you or leave you.  God is love, and his love will not waver as the faith of men wavers.  So, if you find yourself lost at sea, if you are in dungeon deep or in hardship great, if you are lost in the desert or lost in the darkness of sin, remember, thou people of this earth, you were created in the image of the Almighty God.  He is the giver and sustainer of all life, and you must always remember that your God, the Great I AM, the Almighty God, will be ever with you, ever with you.