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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

To Know God's Glory

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and High Priest. Declare these words unto my people for the Sabbath of rest in the presence of thy God and thy Savior. For your Father is Holy, as I am Holy and we desire that our people gather to worship us, and praise us, and to enter our gates with great joy and thanksgiving. These are the ways unto the fullness of Godís glory, for he desires you to know the fullness of his presence. There have been men who have experienced Godís glory, and these are the attributes which lead to experiencing the joy of his Holy presence.


1. Be as Moses and walk the path of humility. The first step toward the fullness of God the Fatherís glory is to be humble, to be of a lowly and contrite heart. Moses ascended up the mountain and entered the cloud of glory. Do you desire the glory of God to be felt and seen within your life? The first step up the mountain is found upon your knees in all humility and lowliness.


2. Abraham was a man of great faith. He believed in the promises given unto him by my Father and by me. I knew Abraham as a friend, and he saw my day and rejoiced. The cloud of glory was seen and felt by Abraham. Those who are of faith shall see the cloud of glory, for it shall come unto the faithful. Have the faith that wavers not, have the faith of Abraham, and believe in that not seen; believe in the promises of the Almighty.


3. Joseph was a man with spiritual sight due to his love for his Father. Joseph loved his father, Israel greatly, but he loved the Father above all things even more. The key in his life was the obedience of love. If you have great love, you shall desire to obey all that is asked of you. The coat of many colors was evidence of a fatherís love. Spiritual sight, through the interpretation of dreams, was evidence of the Almighty Fatherís love and glory. Joseph was used greatly by the Almighty God; see his love by his faithfulness and obedience.


4. David was a mighty king, and chosen servant of me and my Father. He slew the lion and he slew the giant. He did this by looking to the strength of the Almighty. David did not look to hands of clay; he built a foundation in the strength of heaven. David understood the strength of praise. In the fields, he praised us, and prayed to us often. Words and songs of praise give you the strength to slay the lions and giants that you face in your walk. Look to build the heavenly strength found in praise.


5. Daniel, my beloved servant, and servant of the Most High God, was a man who was of no pride and reputation. He had the courage to stand alone. He spoke up when called upon to eat food not clean unto him. Most of the children ate as given, for they lost hope. He was courageous in his belief that God would answer his prayers. He had the courage to stand and declare the power of the Almighty while looking into the eyes of a powerful king. He had the courage to kneel as before, even though it meant death without my hand. Be as Daniel and have the courage to be men of great conviction.



6. Mary was beloved of me and my Father. She waited for me in the garden, and unto her I first spoke. Look to the life of Mary, and see the power of worship. She worshipped me and my Father. She saw beyond the flesh, and saw me in my glory. She knew I was of the heavenly, and that I would return unto the heavenly. She saw through the eyes of worship, and knew I had walked in the clouds of glory. Worship me, and worship your Father, for there is glory in worship.


7. Paul was a man who knew the glory and power of sacrifice. He gave all that he had, and was diligent beyond all of my chosen ones. He saw the glory of my kingdom, for he entered the cloud and was taught by me. He never forgot the sweet fragrance within the cloud, and lived a life of devotion. Be willing to sacrifice all for me, to count my love to be worth more than all earthly possessions. See the power of laying all upon the altar, and walking each day in the glory of God.



My people, these servants are but a few. There have been many who walked the paths of glory. I desire you all to see the cloud of glory; I desire each of you to feel the presence of the Father and the Son. Be men and women of great faith, and believe that the glory of God is coming unto you, and that you too shall stand, and take in his glory.