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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

The God of Joy

I am the Almighty God and I am your Father in heaven. Man has forsaken many of my ways and the paths of righteousness are not walked by most people of this earth. I AM the Great I AM, and I see the paths of men and know every thought, word and action. There is much sadness is so many lives. Much of manís sadness is due to rebellion and in not following my word. My ways are perfect, for I am perfect. My ways are of the light and following my ways lead to joy, peace and happiness. Joy is missing in so many hearts my people. Why has joy escaped so many of you? Why are your lives filled with misery and despair? People need medication to sleep and medication to arise. Darkness fills lives where pornography and drugs are the norm. Why do you seek the paths of darkness? There is no lasting joy in anything evil. All evil is of the darkness and darkness takes away all true joy. Empty men and women, bankrupt of all joy, walk through life without knowing the wonderful joy of my presence.


I am God, and in me there is joy. Most people have known fleeting joy and experience moments of happiness. Why do you not seek everlasting joy? Why does man not desire to walk each day in my fullness and to know peace, happiness and joy? Come to me and upon bended knee ask for the atoning blood of my Son to remove your filthy stains. Come before me with tears of true repentance, and I will be found of you. There is joy in my presence. I know that life has sadness and pain, and that there are times when hearts ache. But if you are in my presence, joy remains. Joy springs forth as the sun and will help you endure the times of grief. Even in death you will have peace, and yes, even joy. For you will know that even in death there is victory, for death is but a moment. In the twinkling of the eye my Son shall come and those who died in the love and faith of my Son shall be resurrected to life everlasting. Those who died not knowing my joy and my presence shall also be given life anew in my Sonís kingdom.


Would life everlasting, in a world without war, a world without sicknesses, a world without evil, bring you joy? The joy that shall be felt in those days can be felt in my light this day. Why will there be such joy in the kingdom? Why will there be great peace and happiness? Is it the absence of sin and sickness, or is it due to the presence of the Holy Ones of heaven? In my presence there is light and there is joy. Joy comes from being in me and my Son. The kingdom will bring our presence to earth and darkness will be removed by the glorious light. That same light exists today. Let me shine my light into your life. See darkness flee, see the sadness and grief be replaced by a joy that is pure and clean as the pure air of heaven. In me there is joy, in me there is peace and happiness.


My light is my light. Even in days of darkness my light is there if you will only see the light. Come unto me all who suffer and are burdened with sin and sadness. Wash your garments in the blood of my Lamb. Come unto me and experience the true joy of being a part of my everlasting light. Joy I give unto you. Joy is for all who seek my presence.