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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

A God of Love

I am the Almighty God in heaven.  I am a God of mercy and a God of love.  Declare these words unto my people, and post it upon the website to let those who seek read my words.  I am the God of love, and my love and my mercy is upon you.  I am merciful and full of kindness.  Seek to be of the light, be in my presence, and let my glorious light fill your life with peace and joy.  I gave you my words about the origin of my Son and the origin of the angels of my realm.  Tonight I will explain more of my nature to you.


I know that I am hard for man to understand, but I have reached into the hearts of men and I am within.  Love is the reason my Son was created from my essence.  I was perfect and lacked nothing, but love must be expressed and love must be felt.  I came to understand that in my completeness I lacked expression of my perfection.  Without my Son, I had no one to share my joy with.  I had no one to love and no one to love me.  There was no flaw in me, but I was not complete without others to love.  I love my Son.  I love my angels of light.  I love the angels of darkness, but they must face the wrath of my anger, for my law is absolute.  I am God and I am above you, but see me and feel me through love.  I am seen in your love.  Love is not of the physical realm, love is of the spirit.  I am perfect and without flaw, but I was alone.  My Son is the light and joy of my being.  He is perfect and pure.  The love within him came from my essence.  He breathed the life into Adam, and the spirit of man is of the spiritual realm.  You can express love and feel love due to our essence within.  Animals respond to love and can show acts of tenderness and sacrifice, but animals do not love as man. Man loves from his essence, from his heart. 


See a baby with a puppy, and see love.  See a father hold his newborn son and kiss the cheeks of softness, and see love.  See the grown man cry when the wrinkled hand ceases to have the warmth of life, and see love.  Love is spiritual perfection.  Perfect love will lead you to the kingdom of everlasting light and everlasting love.  I love you, are words you say, but they are based on emotions and feelings.  Feelings of love are real.  They exist in you and they exist within me.  I am love, for it is of my perfect nature and was given unto my creation.  The man who cries when a dog dies feels love.  An animal that has flaws and is far from intelligent can melt the heart of a giant.  The kitten cold and hungry, the child who cries and needs to be held, all need to receive love.  Man was made to express love and receive love.  Am I different than man?  Am I above the expression of love?  Do I need to receive love, and do I need to express love?  The answer is within for you are of my essence.  I am love, and I love and respond to love. 


People of this earth, hear my words unto you.  I am not distant, I am not cold, and I am not without mercy.  I love all of my creation, and I take no pleasure in the sufferings of any life be it man or beast.  But I have absolute laws that govern the universe, and sometimes my love is seen in punishment.  If a murderer is allowed to be free and murder again, is that love, or is love seen in his death?  I am perfect in wisdom and I am perfect in love.  I desire to show man my love, and I desire your love for me to be expressed.  Look within you hearts and there you will find the great I AM, for I am within you, my people.