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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

The God of Peace

I am the Almighty God in heaven. I have all power in heaven and earth. I am he who hears and I am he who sees. Come before me with reverence and praise, and I shall hear your voice. I am with my people, and my hand moves in ways that you knowest not. These are my words to bring peace unto hearts which are troubled. I am the God of power and might, but I am also the God of peace.


Peace is my desire for all man. It was the intent for man to live in prosperity within the garden, and to prosper and live in peace. But sin was found in the heart, and man had to be driven from the garden of peace. This earth has seen much war and much suffering in the time of mans walk. Today, there is no peace among peoples. My Son shall bring peace when he returns as your King. Between that time and now, there shall be much war and sorrow. The world is full of darkness and pride. There is no peace in darkness, for he who is the ruler of darkness is he who rebelled, and brought destruction upon a perfect world. He lives to bring evil and turmoil into the lives of men. In him there is no peace.


You shall see war and you shall hear of war. Wars are now fought in distant lands, but in the days ahead, war shall be brought unto you. Nations now at peace shall know the ways of war. Peace will escape the nations of this earth, for the powers of darkness will become bold in these latter days. You shall see destruction and ruin. Brother will betray brother, sister will deliver up sister, parents will forsake children, and children will despise parents. There will be darkness and great sadness among the nations of this earth. You shall see famine, earthquakes, fires, floods, and mighty winds. There shall be pestilence and disease, and the cries of those who suffer shall be widely heard. Nation will rise up against nation, and within nations people shall rise up against people. Days of destruction are before you my people.


In the darkness, there will be light, for I am light, and in me there is perfect peace. Those who seek peace must find it in me and my Son, for there will be no peace apart from me. There is comfort in my presence. Though many shall fall at thy right hand and at thy left, you shall have peace. You will not be troubled by the strangers of the night, nor shall you wail when pestilence comes upon you, for in me you shall know peace. Life is but a moment, but my light is everlasting. Come unto my light, oh ye people. Come into my presence with praise, and fall down and repent before the Great I AM. I will have mercy upon those who call upon my name, upon those who repent and claim the victory in my Son.


Why must you suffer sadness and despair? Why must you toil in the night? Sleep the sleep of one who knows. Sleep the sleep of one who has surrendered all upon my altar. Death shall come upon all men, so why do you worry about the time or place of your death?  Focus on your life, and walk each day in my holy light. I am the God of peace, and my peace is upon all who walk each day without wavering. In my presence there is joy and hope. In my presence there is peace. Be still and know that I am God. Be still and know the peace of a loving Father that brings comfort in even the darkest night.