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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

The God of Meekness

 I am the Almighty God in heaven. I rule and I reign, and I move within the hearts and minds of men. I am a loving Father, and I have mercy upon those who seek my Son in repentance. There are twelve fruits which grow upon the tree of life. I have given you my words on love and joy. This day I give you words of wisdom about meekness.


Meekness is required of those who seek to know my fullness and walk in my light. Pride prevails in the hearts of men. Your children are taught to succeed without thought for others. Your philosophy of winning drives you in many aspects of your life. What has man within himself, or outwardly evident that he can boast or be prideful of? All intellect, all gifts, all favor and beauty is of me. You have nothing which is your own. All you are, all you possess, all you shall ever know or have ever known, is of me. I am the everlasting light of all life. All life has its origin in me. All creation has its origin in me. Where is your pride, where is your glory? Seek to be lowly and humble, for meekness is the heavenly pattern. See my Son; he was meek and lowly of heart. He is of the heavenly pattern for there is no pride in me. I, of all within heaven and earth, have the basis to boast, but yet I do not boast. I am the Great I AM and I am he who is truth and states words of fact and light. You are the one who is to boast in me, and of me, and my Son. Praise is proclaiming my glory, not your own. Meekness is required to know the heavenly pattern. All you have is my gift. Praise me and thank me, but do not be full of pride for that which is not your own.


Look to the pattern of the angels of light. They serve me continually. All pride has been forsaken. They live to give glory and honor unto me and my Son. By giving glory, praise and honor, they receive glory and honor. They live within the light. My heavenly messengers did not follow the evil one’s way of pride and they have everlasting victory. What do you seek my children? Do you desire temporal pleasure, or to walk upon streets of gold? To be in my presence, you must lay all pride aside and walk in the robes of meekness. Why do you instill pride instead of surrender? Teach thy children that power is in weakness and strength is in meekness.  Be still and be silent, and feel my presence. Do not follow the ways of man, for man rewards arrogance and boasting. I reward brokenness and meekness. Before you brag or boast, think about thy next breath, for I hold it within my hand. I am the sustainer of all life, and I am he who holds eternity within my hands. Give me the glory and praise and honor. Accept no praise and let no words of pride come forth from thy lips. Meek and lowly is a child born of woman, and meek and lowly shall the mighty man die. Pride adds nothing, but taketh away much. Be meek and feel the power of humility in the hand of the Almighty.