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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

The God of Gentleness

I am the Almighty God in heaven. I am he who sits upon the throne of all power. I am the Great I AM, there is none before me, and there is none that exists without me. All life is held within my hands, and by my will all realms function and have their being. I am the Almighty God, the Yakahalahiym, and I am the God of gentleness. You often view me as a harsh Father who corrects and punishes those who walk in the ways of darkness. I take no pleasure in evil, nor do I take pleasure in the sufferings of man. I am God, and my mercy is upon all who breathe and all who have life. The gentleness of heaven is upon you. I am kind and tender, and I am gentle with the inhabitants of the earth. All have sinned, and all have fallen short of my glory, yet, I give you rain and food, I clothe you, and care for your needs. There is hunger upon the earth, but that is due to manís rebellion, for if my ways were followed there would be no hunger, no war, no pestilence and disease.


Gently I guide, and gently I correct. Does man deserve the mercies of heaven? Does man deserve the precious blood of my beloved Son? Gentleness is more than kindness and mercy; it is the path upon which mercy, kindness, and tenderness travel. I could crush all who lift hands to me in defiance, yet, I gently call unto you to repent. I tenderly call upon you to surrender and seek my ways. When a thorn is deeply embedded in the flesh, there is a need to remove the thorn so healing can occur. The goal is the removal of the thorn. Gentleness is the method used to accomplish this task. Gently I will caress, and wipe your tears while I remove the thorn. I wipe tears and bring healing to the soreness of flesh. I bind your wounds with tears and the balm of my mercy. I heal, and I make new. The thorn could be plucked roughly away, or the flesh could be allowed to fester and rot. I choose gentleness as the path that my mercy walks upon.


I am the God of gentleness, and I call unto you this day. I am not unkind, and I am not without tenderness. I gently call your name; I gently lead you each day. See my gentleness that lifts you from the darkness when you sin, see my gentleness that wipes away tears and removes your deepest regrets. I beckon unto you to repent and seek my face. Tenderly, and gently I call unto you to seek the blood of my precious Lamb. Be silent, and bow before me, call on my name, plead for my mercy and my forgiveness. Lift up hands in praise and true repentance, and believe in the power of my mercy, and the depth of my gentleness. All knees shall someday bow before me and my Son. Answer the gentle calls my children, I am your Father in heaven, and I have great love for you. Hear my gentle words of love, feel my hands of mercy which lift and guide you unto the glorious light of everlasting peace, joy, and happiness.


But, be not deceived, I am a vengeful God, and my vengeance shall be poured out upon this sinful and unrighteous people. My word is sure, and the vials of my wrath shall be poured out upon the evil of this earth. You can be of the light; you can be as Noah and escape manís destruction. Take my hand, and I will gently lead you to life everlasting. I am God, and my gentle love is waiting. Come unto me thou people, and I will lead you to the everlasting light of peace.