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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

The God of Tenderness

I am the Almighty God in heaven.  I am a tender and kind Father, and my love is without measure.  I am the God of all tenderness, and I desire tenderness and mercy to be evident in all of my people.  Man often feels that I am distant and far from you, but I am so very close unto all my people.  My tenderness is seen in my sending my beloved Son to die for your sins so that you may have redemption.  Look unto the heavens, and upon your knees call upon my tenderness.  I respond with great tenderness unto all who seek me in brokenness and sincerity.  How many times I have saved and rescued.  I allow evil, for my perfect will will send my Son in my time.  But even with the evil you see, there is more light than darkness.  There is more love than hate.  There is more peace than fear.  There is more joy than sorrow.  There is more forgiveness than punishment.  Tender is my heart unto man, for man was created in my image and the image of my Son.  Blessed are those who receive the gentle rain of tenderness.  My hands are firm when you do evil and go the ways of darkness, but my hands are open and tender unto all who cry tears of sorrow and repentance.


Look to see all the times I was merciful unto you.  Look to see the tender hand of the Almighty.  When you lost your father, my tenderness was upon you.  When thy dearest mother passed away, my tender love gave you strength.  When the child died in the night, it was my hand which brought you comfort and gave you the strength to go on.  Tenderly I call unto you.  Repent, ye nations of the earth, repent and do good.  Obey my laws and seek my ways, and I will make you as a tree planted by mighty waters.  Tenderly I come unto you when you are in great sorrow.  Each tear that you have shed has been held within my tender hands.  I am your loving Father.  Tenderness is the way of heaven.  I am tender unto all people.  Repent and let the hands of heaven be soft and tender unto you.  Why do you desire my wrath and vengeance?  Repent, and tenderly I shall come unto you.


Tenderness is my desire of you.  Be tender unto all men.  As you show tenderness to a kitten, show tenderness to all men.  Look to the tenderness of the mother who holds her precious gift from heaven and you see how I desire you to be to those lost and alone.  All men need tenderness and love.  I know, for I know their thoughts and I hold their tears.  I am the Almighty God, and great is my power and great is my love and mercy.  Seek to be tender unto all you meet, for tenderness is the way of thy God.  Call unto me, and tenderly will I come to you.  Feel my tender touch and warm embrace of love.  I am love, and tenderness is of my heart and soul.  I am the tender God who calls unto all who will hear.