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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

43rd Parable - Faith Built Upon Love

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and he who died for all man, and he who now sits at the right hand of the Almighty God. This is a parable to be shared with my people. It is a message of faith and a message where love and the power of love strengthens faith. It is a story for you to learn from, for you will need the faith built upon great love in the days ahead. Faith built upon love is faith which wavers not. I am the Lord Jesus, these words are recorded in heaven and I will share them with you. I slept when many of these words were spoken, but they were kept by my Father and they are now shared with you.


“What do we do now, where do we go without fear of being put to death. All of our hopes and dreams died with him and all is lost.”


Peter stood and turned to Thomas, “Why did he not defend himself? Why did he not call upon his Father’s angels to save him? I feel ashamed for I denied him as he prophesied, but I am unsure where to go. I feel that I should go back to the life I know and fish.”


There were cries of agreement.


“No! No, I say. He said that he would die and rise again after three days and three nights. He died yesterday. Are you so quick to forsake all that was done? We have seen the power of faith. Have faith now my brothers, he will rise again.”


“John, you speak from a heart of love, but the reality is hard to withstand, but we shall wait and see.”


It was Andrew who spoke last. The men chosen by me were lost and unsure as to what to do. They were told, but did not fully understand my words that had been given to them. They left and departed to prepare for the night. All left but my servant John. He looked into the fire and began to weep. Then upon his knees he spoke a prayer, a prayer based on faith which was rooted in a deep love.


“Oh my Father in heaven, my master taught me how to pray unto you. He showed us that you are a God of great love and of great mercy. I ask for your love to be upon us. We are saddened by the death of your Son, and I know that you wept when he died. Raise him up heavenly Father. I saw Lazarus raised after four days, so I know that the grave has no power when your hand moves. I love your Son; I would have died in his place. Why did I run when he was arrested and taken? Forgive me Father. I will never run from death again. Make us strong, Oh God. Raise up thy Son. I believe for I love you and I love your Son, and I know your love shall raise him up.”


John departed full of faith. Yes as Lazarus, as Lazarus.


Peter went to his boat. It was close to evening and the water was calm and he could see the lights in the distance. Tears began to fill his eyes and he knelt upon the deck.


“Great God in heaven, you are Holy and worthy of all praise. I know you are the God who comforts. You are the God of mercy, have mercy on me, Oh God, I denied your Son. How could I have been so weak? Me and all my boasting about being ready to die for him. I denied, and yes I cursed. I can’t get it out of my mind. He turned and looked into my eyes when I denied being his disciple. Why did he die my Father? What is the purpose? Please help me to see. I am lost. Should I fish, or should I go forth as before? Help me dear God, help me. I walked on water, I have seen healings beyond imagination and still I denied him. Have mercy, Oh God, have mercy on me.”


Peter’s heart ached. He was filled with shame, but he still failed to believe. Even the faith to walk on water will fail if you do not believe all of mine and my Fathers promises. Peter loved me dearly, and died in like manner, but at the time of my death he was filled with pride and with doubt. Faith built upon love will stand fast. All of my Fathers promises are sure.


Mary, chosen one of God to be my mother, also prayed in the days of doubt. She had the faith built upon love. She loved with a love that wavered not. She knew who I was and who I am. She knew I would rise again, for she believed in the power of the Almighty God, and she knew that all my words were truth. Her prayer, at the end of the second day, was one of faith.


“Great Father in heaven, your Son sleeps. Thank you for letting him be my son too. I know I am not his blood, but I carried him and nursed him, and oh how I love him. I am blessed among women. I felt your pain on Golgotha’s hill. Somehow he connected me to you. As he died I felt your anguish and pain. He is your beloved Son. I thank you for your love. What greater love could a Father show his creation than to give his only Son for us? In his death we shall have life. I never knew how long three days was until now. I know you wait for his coming as do I. I love him and I love you my Father in heaven. Thank you for your promises fulfilled. Thank you for your mercy upon me and all of man. I praise thy Holy name.”


Mary’s faith was founded upon love and it wavered not. When hard times come will you stand? My Father heard the prayers of John, Peter and Mary, and these are the words he spoke, 


“I AM the Almighty God. My Son shall truly rise up. I send my holy angels to prepare for my command. Let it be known my heavenly hosts that Mary and John built a faith upon love. Let them forever be known, let them forever be favored.”


My Father responds to great faith. There are records in heaven of deeds of love and great faith. What has been recorded of you, my people?


Mary walked in the darkness. Two days had passed. She would spend this night at the tomb, as she did the last two nights. “He will rise tomorrow, this I know, she thought.” She spread a blanket near the tomb where I slept within. On her knees she spoke these words and sang a song of love.

“My Father, we both watch this rock in this garden. Your beloved Son sleeps on the other side. You see him, for you see through the rock. I feel your presence here, and I know holy angels attend. I was healed when your Son cast the demons from me. I have followed him and tried to be of comfort to him. I love him, for he first loved me, and had mercy on me. He will rise tomorrow, for that is your word my Father. He spoke your words, and he spoke of how he would rise up the third day. Thank you for sending him unto us. Thank you for allowing me to serve him and to serve you. I dedicate my life to you my Great Father in heaven. I sing a song of love. Watch over him as he sleeps, my Almighty Father.


Love comes from the heart that loves; his heart was full of love,

He loves the ones he came to save; he loves the Father who sent.

Love was seen in his smile, love was felt in his tender mercy,

Here sleeps the Son of God, a God of love, love that sent.


Love rests and love waits, the love of God waits to call unto the Son,

Love desires the chosen one to rise up and to feel loves embrace.

Love sleeps behind this rock, and love watches from a heavenly throne,

Love waits, love waits, and love will soon call the blessed name.


Love will move this rock; love will lift up the chosen Son,

Love will send holy angels to attend, love will take him home.

Love will sit him upon his throne, love will let him hear and see,

Love is the Almighty God, love is the Son, love waits in the garden.


Mary had a faith built upon love. She is the first person that I revealed myself to, and the first one I spoke to once I was awakened from death. She is the only one who waited at the tomb. She was blessed for her great love and her great faith.


The days ahead will require a love built upon faith. Love did wait, and after the time was fulfilled, my Father in heaven thundered and gave command for my spirit to come forth. Love raised me, and love rolled back the rock.


Will love save you? Will you have the love that will not waver? My Father only speaks truth, his word is sure. Dark days are coming and those who do not have faith built upon the rock of love will waver. Be strong, be diligent, my people. My Father has great love for you, but he desires your love to be faithful and true. Will you have the faith to believe when your world is taken by darkness, when all seems lost and our promises distant? Remember the prayers built upon love. Look to the love that rolled back the rock, the love that knew it would be.