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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

Trials of Life

I am the Almighty God in heaven. I am he who sits upon the throne of power. My power is great, and my love and mercy without measure. Declare these words unto my people, for I desire my people to hear and obey the voice of their Father. Life has been easy for all of you, even with thy trials; they are not to be compared to the people of this earth who truly suffer. Follow these words to understand and learn from the trials of life when they visit your door, for trials are of the pattern of the potter, for trials shape and mold the people of this earth. Hear my words of wisdom this day.


1. Trials will occur. You know this from my word, yet many of my people are surprised and dismayed by trials. If you know the thief cometh, why do you not prepare the watch? Trials will come. Be in the place of strength; be in the place of light and truth. Be firm in the rock and rest upon my word. Rejoice when the hand of power rests upon you to test your strength.


2. Trials are meant to produce growth and change. Most trials weaken my people, for you try to work out your own solutions. Men teach that obstacles are opportunities, yet they see them as opportunities to overcome through their might. Trials are opportunities to surrender. When change comes, surrender and let me prove my power in your life. Trust and obey, and worship me greatly when trials are upon you.


3. Trials are to lead you to a closer relationship with me and my Son. In crisis, families often come together. Trials can bring unity and strength. Trials are to lead you to come before us on bended knee, and lay all upon my altar. During trials you are to fast and pray, and seek my presence, as my people sought me in sack cloth and ashes. Trials are to lead you to the throne of grace.


4. Trials are to lead you to repentance. Trials are not always due to your sin, but trials of life are to be used as a candle to search thy soul, to look deep to see the barriers and blemishes within. This is because trials are to lead you to me. I am light, and light reveals darkness. Let all trials be used as a path to repentance, and a path to walking more in my holy light. In repentance, you will bring forth change, and see more clearly the path you are to walk.


5. Trials are clearly seen when you are of the light. Many miss the tests of my hand, for they only see instances of life as bad luck or coincidences. When you are clay that has surrendered to the potter’s hand, you know when the clay is being shaped. Praise us and rejoice when the trials of life are upon you. Why do my people flee from my hand of love, for in correction you see my hand of love? Ask me to search you and prove you.




6. Trials are times when praises are to be increased. Some trials are heavy, and are a burden hard to bear. When the weight is heavy, praise me, and praise my Son. In praise you shall see my hand of deliverance. Some trials in life are due to your foolishness. Man seeks his own path, and makes decisions without counsel. There is time and chance that can occur, but all trials are to be times of great praise. I can lift away thy burdens, and I can give you strength to bear the burden. Some burdens are best when not removed, for they lead to humility and change.


7. Trials are to seen as evidences of my love. Do not be angry with thy God, and do not curse my holy name. Do not despair and walk in sorrow. Trials are opportunities to increase your faith. I am thy rock, I am thy deliverer. I am God, and I have all power in the universe. There is power in worship, praise and thanksgiving, and the hand of deliverance will cause hands to lift in praise, and voices to sing of my love and power. I love my people, and I will deliver, but you must learn of me. Use trials as opportunities to praise me, and surrender, so that I can deliver, and shape with hands of love.