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The Latter Rain

Messages of Light Unto a World in Darkness

Author: David Nix

42nd Parable - Laughter, Love and Joy

I am the Lord Jesus, the Son of the Almighty God in heaven. These words are to be shared with my people. The days ahead will be days of darkness and sadness, but also days of great rejoicing and happiness. Laughter is a sound heard in heaven, and a sound of life. My people need to laugh and enjoy the pleasures of a life in me and with my Father. This is a story of laughter, love and joy.


The preacher’s car broke down on the side of the dusty road. He was glad that God had finally provided him with a car, but even a good car won’t run without gasoline. He had spent the last of the offering money on gas and had hoped that he could reach the next town. He lifted his hands to heaven and said a prayer that God would provide. A few minutes later a truck came down the dusty road. A man was driving and a woman with two small children rode in the front. The driver smiled and asked him if he needed a ride. He explained that he had run out of gas and a ride would be most appreciated. The farmer told him that he could come home with them for the night and that the next day he would take him to get gas. He told him to hop in the back of the truck. The preacher went to the rear and saw that there were five more children and four dogs in the back. There was also a young woman with the bluest eyes he had ever seen. She smiled and they all made room for him and he climbed up. They drove to a white frame house surrounded by pecan trees and a large garden. There was no grass to be seen, but there were chickens all over the yard. The farmer told him he could sit on the porch until supper was ready.


The preacher was in awe as he watched all of the children play. There was lots of laughter and he could tell this was a home of happiness. They had a fine meal of fried chicken, green beans, boiled potatoes and corn bread with honey. They all went back to the porch and the farmer came out with a guitar.


“Gather round kids, it is time to sing praises to the Lord.”


All the children sat on the steps and the beautiful young woman took a rocker next to him. The farmer began to play and he had a fine voice, and soon everyone was singing. It was a song that he was not familiar with, but by the third verse he was joining in.


“Praise him, praise him, the great God above, let his people praise,

He is the God of love, the God of joy, and the God of laughter.

Lift hands and sing, dance you happy people, dance, praise God,

Praise him, praise him, let joy, let love, let laughter be seen.”


He had never heard a song which spoke of God as being a God of laughter. He was a God of love and great mercy, but it had never occurred to him that God was the God of laughter. Well, he thought if God is a God of laughter he is definitely at this place.





“Let’s play horseshoes preacher, and have some fun.” The farmer slapped him on the back and they began to play horseshoes. It brought back memories of his childhood. It had been years since he had played horseshoes. The farmer was very good, and the preacher felt it was his graciousness which allowed the preacher to win two of the four games.


A tiny boy with only a few teeth ran up to them and grinned, “Daddy is it time to cut the watermelon.”


“Absolutely son, let’s do it.”


The farmer walked to a creek which ran along the side of the yard and removed a large watermelon from the cool water and carried it to the steps. Instantly he was surrounded by kids and dogs. Boy that watermelon was good. The preacher went to bed that night full of happiness. A God of laughter, I wonder.


Over the months that came, the preacher found reasons to come back to the place of laughter, love and joy. Nine months later he married the blue eyed girl named Marie and they had a wonderful life of laughter, love and joy. He never forgot the value of a cold watermelon and a metal post and some horseshoes. He and Marie had five children and theirs was a home of joy. He changed the way he spoke to congregations. His was a ministry of praise and God’s healing power was with him, but he also smiled often, laughed often and used humor as a medicine for troubled hearts. Yes, he concluded, God is truly a God of laughter.


I am the Lord Jesus and my Father laughs. I laugh and the angels in heaven laugh. So many people only see sadness and misery and fail to see the beauty of life. When I walked this earth I was blessed to live in a home of laughter, love and joy. My chosen ones were men who were dedicated, but they also loved to play and laugh. I have told you of the snake which made Peter dance. I now share a time when I was the one who brought the laughter. It had rained the night before and the ground was muddy and slippery. As we walked along the edge of a hill I slipped. I slid head first down the hill into a mass of mud and water. I was covered in mud. John began to laugh and was having a lot of joy at the sight of me in the mud. Judas reprimanded him for his laughter and all the smiles disappeared. I stood and wiped the mud from my face and I began to laugh. I laughed long and hard. Soon all my chosen ones laughed until tears flowed down cheeks. Suddenly, Peter dove head first down the slippery hillside and knocked me back into the mud. We held each other and laughed. Soon everyone was sliding down the muddy hillside. It is a fond memory which brings laughter unto me. We all washed in the river and that night I was teased about how I can walk on water but that slippery mud was much more difficult.


Laugh my people. Eat watermelon, play horseshoes and games. Tell stories of your youth, share memories of the good times of life. I laughed when this parable was given. My servant heard my laugh. Laughter is a sound of joy and is a sound of heaven.

My Father and I love our creation and we see and hear the sounds of life and the moments of life. Death comes to all and there is no laughter in the grave. Laugh my people. Let joy and love fill your hearts and let the joy be seen in smiles and laughter.  I am the Son of God and we laugh with our people. We laugh with the servant who tries to climb through the barbed wire fence and catches the seat of his pants upon the wire. Thank you for your lives, for your lives are a blessing from us and to us. I have many stories of laughter, love and joy. Someday we shall sit and share laughter together, my people, but know this, God in heaven is a God of laughter.