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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

Message of Love and Warning

I AM that I AM. I am the Great Father of all life. I have all power in heaven and earth and my power comes unto you this day. I am the God of love and mercy. Hear my words unto you, and share these words with your friends and loved ones. Post these words upon the web-site for I desire this message to be read by all I lead unto you. There is sadness in heaven this day for my people have forsaken my ways. I have longed for you to turn unto me, and to seek me with tears of repentance, but yet my people continue to forsake my words and seek their own paths. Hear the words of your Father, and let these words lead you to repentance.

David, my chosen one, my power falls upon you this day. Remember this date forever my son, for you shall never be the same again. This day I place my mantle upon you, for you are my chosen one of Judah. Great shall your name be my son. I remove the barrier of unbelief from you, and pour my spirit upon you. You shall walk in the light of my holiness, and are to be who I have chosen you to be. You shall fulfill my desires and my power is upon you. Fast for three days complete this week and seek me, for I will show you things which were, and things which shall be. You are my candlestick, and you are my chosen of Judah. You are to walk in the light of heaven. Never again are you to stumble and fall. Be strong, I give you my blessing, and you have the forehead of flint.

Declare these words unto the earth, for my tears fall this day. I am the Almighty God, and I have sorrow this day. You destroy your unborn children, and make a mockery of my law and my ways. Death and destruction shall come swiftly upon you. As my servant Jonah warned in ages past, so shall my people of the light warn and sound the trumpets call. Why do you not hear thou nation of Israel, my people cover the earth. My love is upon all men. The blood of my Son covers the earth, and by his name and blood all can be of the everlasting light. Death and despair shall be on every doorstep, none shall escape when my hand of power comes upon you. All shall suffer the loss of sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts and dear ones. No family shall go unpunished. Your cities shall be desolate, and your bones shall be exposed and hunger will fill every home. These are my promises and my word shall not fail. Hear my cries this day. Repent! Repent! I desire to send my mercy unto you. I do not take pleasure in death or destruction. Nations of the earth, and people of Abraham, you must repeal your laws which kill the innocent, and you must repent before me, or the wrath of heaven shall fall upon you.

Hear my words, for I want to rescue you and save you. I am the Yakahalahiym, and my word is the power of light. Tears fall upon the crystal sea, for my Son and my messengers of light know the destruction which shall befall you if you do not repent before me. As the blood saved my chosen in Egypt, so shall repentance and surrender save you my people. The seal and sign is found in the obedience of love and the love of obedience. The daily sacrifice will help you to be of the light. The cloud of glory comes upon you this day. I declare my words and desire you to hear. Repent, and seek me while the light shines. Why must death and destruction come before repentance?

David, my servant, you are to be my witness unto this nation and unto the world. My other chosen is close to being ready to answer my call. You must choose to walk each day in obedience. This message will bring ridicule and scoffing upon you, but you must believe that I AM that I AM my son.

I have a final word unto the people of America. Repent in sackcloth and ashes, for the sand of the hourglass slips by and darkness comes. I shall remove my hand of protection, and the dark one shall sift you like wheat. Repent, and fall upon thy knees, lift hands in praise, and call unto me, and I will be found of you.