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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

The 34th Parable - Love is Everlasting

I am the Lord Jesus, your tender shepherd and King. I give my people this parable. This story is told to help you grow in love for love is what must fill your hearts and flow from you unto each other and to the lost and alone of this world.

He first saw her when he went into town with his father to sell produce and pick up supplies. He was riding in the wagon next to his father and he saw three young women come from inside the General Store. He knew there were three but he only saw one. Her hair was black as coal and her eyes like emeralds. She was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. He was 18 years old and she was 16. She smiled at him and he grinned back at her. He fell when stepping out of the wagon and the other two girls laughed but the black haired girl ran to his side and helped him to his feet. “Thank you” was all he said. She looked at him for a moment and touched his arm and ran away with her friends.

Behind the mule he plowed and thought of the black haired girl with the green eyes. The year was 1936 and times were hard but they had food and life was good. It was a month before he went back to town with his father but he did not see her at the store. His father had other business so he gave his son a quarter to go to see the movie. It was a western and they were his favorite. It was a little cooler in the theatre. He bought a soda and candy and found a seat. Just as the movie was about to begin the black haired girl and her friends came in. This time there were three boys with them. They sat two rows in front of him and to this day he has no idea what the movie was about for all he watched was the black haired girl.

The weeks rolled into months and winter was upon them. He did not see her again until the spring of 1937. He saw her again outside the store but this time he did not fall. He walked up to her and smiled. She smiled back and he almost fainted.

“My name is Fred”, he said. “I am Becky”, she replied.

Theirs is a story of love for in the weeks and months that passed they came to love one another very much. Fred loved Becky with every part of his being and could not believe such happiness could come to a poor farm boy. They married when she was 18 and he was 20. Her father owned the bank and was a man of means. He was poor and only knew the way of the land. They rented a small house and he worked long days with his father and also was a sharecropper on other land. Becky worked hard with him and there was joy and happiness in their home. Their first son was born in 1941. There was war in Europe and talk that they too would soon enter the war. Fred enlisted in the army in January, 1942. At the train station he held her so close and kissed his infant son. They wrote to each other often but the letters took many months to reach him. Fred saw the horrors of war and fought in many battles. He saw many friends and good young men die. On the night of July 17, 1943 Fred was cut off from his men and found himself alone. He fought valiantly and there were twelve enemy soldiers killed before he was shot and captured.

He spent the remainder of the war as a prisoner. The German people could be very cruel and Fred suffered many hardships. Thoughts of the black haired girl and his son kept him alive. In the depth of blackness he also began to pray. He knew there was a God but he had not had time to pray as much before. On his knees each day he and his God became very well acquainted.

“Please help me dear Lord, help me Father. Help me to live and make it home to return to my wife and son.”

While in the prison camp he wrote a song and hoped to sing it to his beautiful wife. Fred lived through the war. He was set free in 1944 and saw more fighting before finally being able to come home. He will never forget the day he came home. On the platform stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and standing next to her was a four year old little boy who had black hair and green eyes. Tears sprang from his eyes when he held his son and kissed his wonderful Becky.

Fred loved her all of her life. They had five children and had a life of joy and happiness. All five children went to college and have made their own way in the world. Fred showed Becky his song and she was so pleased. He sang it to her often and each time she would smile and light up. He loved her with a love that never wavered. When Becky was seventy-five she became very sick. Fred prayed often and sought our hand to heal his lovely wife. Before she died Fred came to her and sang this song as he stroked her hair. She died with a smile upon her face. Fred died a few years later. He was alone in the bed in their home. Three of his children talked outside in the other room.

Fred said a quiet prayer and thanked my Father and I for his wonderful life, for his wife and family. He thanked us for our protection and many blessings. Death is a time when we are close by. We are not harsh, we are love. When a son or daughter dies the heavenly hosts are sent to be close and the eyes of the Almighty are there. Never alone will a cherished son or daughter die. Before Fred died an angel quietly sang the song that he had written so many years ago. Tears rolled down his cheeks and he smiled for he knew that we were close by. I share the song that Fred sang to Becky and that one of the holy angels sang to Fred on the night of his death.

Love fills my heart, love fills my soul, love completes me dear one,
Love is what I know; love is what I know, in your arms dear one.
Love is the way with us, love is the only path, love completes us,
Love for my dear one, love for my chosen, love for my Becky.

I have very little in this world in the eyes of man, but oh I have you,
I have the love of God, I have the love of a son, I have your love dear one.
I am blessed above measure, green eyes and a smile from heaven,
I have you, you have me, and together we are held in God’s hands.

I know the hand of God for he has helped me thus far; he will bring me home,
Home to my wife, my son and a life of endless joy.
I love you oh my God, and I thank you for the life I have known,
Home is where I desire to be, home with you and my sweet Becky.

Love is not to end when hands become wrinkled and old. Love lasts forever. My love for you is strong. My love is everlasting. Sleep now Fred and soon you shall once more see green eyes and black hair. Love is everlasting, God is love.