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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

The 30th Parable - The Roman Soldier, Servant of God

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and High Priest. My people have wondered about the men, women, and children contained in the parables. These stories are true, and the people lived or are still alive today. The Roman soldier was faithful to me and my Father, and in this parable, I share some of his life with you, for he was beloved of me. He is one of the ones who beat me and executed severe harshness upon me, but my Father’s mercy is great and melted his heart of stone. Here is his story. There will be more parables given as promised.

The Roman soldier awoke from the restless night. Did he dream the light and angel that appeared? No, he knew it really happened. The man he helped put to death was the Son of the Almighty One in heaven. How could he ever be forgiven? The messenger said he was chosen of God, so he would seek to find direction. He dressed and departed.

The streets of the city were mostly empty, for this was a High Day for the Jewish people. He had seen a man who had stood to the side and had heard that he was a follower of this Jesus whom he watched die. He must find him to seek advice, and learn more about the Son of God. After a few hours, he found him and approached. The man gazed at him from eyes which had not slept and had shed many tears.

“You were a follower of Jesus. I must speak with you.”

“Yes, I am his disciple. Last night I denied I knew him, but never again will I thus speak. I am Peter, and he is my Lord and Savior, and I loved him, and I am proud that I followed him.”

“Peter, please tell me more about him. Does he have family that I could lend assistance to?”

“Why do you seek his family? Haven’t you done enough? I was there Roman; I saw how you beat him. I saw the pleasure you had in ripping his flesh from his body. I will tell you nothing.”

“It is true. I did help to crucify him, but last night an angel appeared unto me and told me I was chosen of the Almighty One to be a witness for his Son. I will be true to the word given.” The man Peter did not speak further, so he left. There must be someone who will help me.

The following day he went to the place where the body of God’s Son lay. There he saw a woman of rare beauty which approached the guards to see if she could enter in to prepare the body. They would not allow her entrance. He spoke to her. She turned and her face turned pale.

“It is you,” she said. “I saw what you did unto my master. Why do you come here this day?

Tears filled his eyes as he told his vision and the words of the messenger of God. When he finished, she reached over and gently caressed his scarred face. “I believe you, sir, and I feel the weight of your sorrow. But be of good courage, for he will rise again after three days as given.” That day he spent with her, and she told him many things about the man called Jesus. He decided he would return the next day to see if the Son of God would rise.

That night his orders came, and he left the following morning for Rome. On the voyage to Rome all he thought of was Jesus. Did he come back as promised? He spent three years in Rome, and when his service was done he walked away from the only life he had known. His wife had died, and his two sons did not desire to hear about angels and the Son of God. He sold his home and his armor and sword and packed a bag and bought passage to Egypt.

From there, he traveled to Ethiopia and sought word about anyone who had known Jesus. He desired to know if he had been resurrected. In his travels he would pray often and tell all who would listen about Jesus. After two more years he went back to Jerusalem. There he found many who walked according to the teachings of Jesus. A man named Philip showed kindness to him and taught him many things. One night Philip took him to a room full of believers. Philip asked if he would tell his story.

He stood and looked into the faces of the people. “I am the killer of the Son of God. I was a Roman soldier, and I was garrisoned in Jerusalem. I have fought many battles and done many mighty deeds. My reward was that I was selected to be one of the ones who beat and crucified the man called Jesus.” Tears filled his eyes. He held up his powerful arms and hands. “These hands tore the flesh from his body. I beat him harder than any before him. I was masterful in applying great pain but not taking his life. May God forgive me for my sin.” He told them of the angelic vision and how he traveled from town to town talking to anyone who would listen. Tears flowed freely from all in the room.

The Roman Soldier traveled with Philip and others and spent his life sharing his story and telling about a God of mercy who forgave the one who crucified His chosen Son. Before his death his youngest son was chosen and joined him and spent his life sharing his Father’s story of love.

The Roman soldier served me faithfully. He never saw me after my resurrection, but on the night of his death, I opened heaven’s window and allowed him to see me. He cried and fell upon his knees. He asked for forgiveness, and I, Jesus, Son of the Almighty God share the words spoken unto him before his death, for the Roman soldier was forgiven and greatly loved.

“My Son, I am with you. Wipe thy tears, and stand before me. What you did to me was the will of my Father, just as it was His will to lead you to His glorious light. My death was before the foundation of the earth. My blood is not upon your hands, dear one. My blood has saved you. My blood redeems you. I love you, and I forgive you. You shall be with me when I come again. I know you have been faithful to me. You have led many to baptism and to know me. You are not my killer. You are my beloved son. Sleep now, dear one, and soon you shall rise up to ever be with me. Sleep, mighty soldier. Be at peace, for my blood has removed the blood from you. Sleep, my friend, be still. You have been faithful. Well done. Well done.”