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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

The 8th Parable - The Roman Soldier

The sign was posted for all to see. It was written in several languages for all to read. The man that was nailed below the sign was bloody, beaten and barely alive. He ached with pain, and his thirst was intense. He was in misery, for the sin of man was placed upon him. His Father was gone. He was alone. He was tired, but he was at peace, for he had finished the work his Father had given to him. Oh Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. Darkness, the darkness of death. The man has died. The woman at his feet weeps more as he passes. She marvels that there is still enough moisture in her to shed a tear, for she has cried all night and all this day. She leaves, for she must prepare his body for the tomb.

Everyone leaves except for one Roman soldier. He stands and watches as the dead manís friends gently lower the stake and remove the spikes from hands and feet. Who was this man? Why has this death troubled him so? He is a man who knows death, for twenty years he has fought many a battle. His body carries the scars of sword, axe and arrow. Who was this man? He stands as the rain begins to fall. He sees the blood that had formed a pool begin to wash away. It is so quiet. All he hears is the rain. He feels tired, and yes, he feels fear. He fears, for he knows this man was pure and not deserving of death. He slowly returns to his quarters. He walks inside and senses warmth unlike any he has known. Suddenly the room is filled with light. He falls to his knees, and a man appears. Be not afraid, for I am Michael, messenger of God. I come to you this day to tell you the Father has need of you, for you shall go forth as a witness for his Son, the man you helped kill this day. Who was he, I asked? He was, and is, the Son of the Almighty God.

The man follows the light and the voice and faithfully serves the Lord Jesus the rest of his days. He gave up rank, family and prestige. He traveled throughout Europe and led many unto the Father. Who among you is innocent of my blood? Who among you will follow the light? The scars of battle will soon be upon you, my son. Scars from sword, axe and arrow. Will you follow my call? Will you give up all? Be as the great soldier. Lay treasures in heavenly places. The soldiers descendants are among my remnant people today, for your history is fuller than you realize. Become a might warrior thou gentle lambs.