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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

The 28th Parable - A Mother's Love

I am the Lord Jesus, your Messiah and High Priest. I have love for the people of this world, and I am your victory. Love must fill your hearts and minds, and love must lead you to reach out to the lost and alone. I share this parable with you this day. This is a story of a wonderful woman named “Mary” who was chosen of my Father to love me and care for me when I was among you as a child and as a man. She had great love for me, and I for her. Great will be her place in my kingdom for she was a kind and loving woman. I long to see her once again and enjoy her smile and laughter once more. This is a story of a mother’s love.

“My son, the days grow short, the time for which you came unto us is near at hand. I can see this in your eyes my son. I know that my time with you as a man will soon be over and you shall return unto the Great I Am and take your place at his right hand. I have some things that I desire to say unto you before you leave me this night for I know your time will soon be spent in preparation for what lies before you.”

“Woman greatly blessed among the daughters of God. I have great love for you, and I know your heart and I know your thoughts. I see the sadness in your countenance and I know you are afraid for what will soon come upon me. This is the purpose for my life. My death will be the salvation of all of men. You know I must go forward and obey my Father’s voice. But it is late and the fire is pleasant, and I am content to be here with you this night. Speak my mother, and I will hear your words and we shall spend these moments together as we did so many times in the past. It is with great fondness that I reflect upon the days we sat here and talked of so many things. I know of your dread and sorrow, but be not afraid for I am within the hands of my Father and he shall raise me up after three days. I will return unto him but someday I shall return, and you, my dear lady, shall rise up to meet me and shall forever be with me. Speak, and I shall hear.”

“My son, I thank you for your love and tenderness unto me. I see you as my Savior, the Son of the Almighty God, but I also see you as my son, my little one. But from the moment that the angel told me of your birth, I have known this time would come. You are for the world and not just for me. I held you to my breasts and I cared for you and nurtured you. I am blessed among women for I have held the Son of the Almighty in my arms. I have dried your tears and I have loved you with a deep love all of your life. I worship you, and I love you. I see in you the Alpha and the Omega, and I also see a child that came from within my womb. I love you my child, and I do have sorrow for you have told me of your destiny. My greatest fear shall be the pain that you shall feel. I know your tenderness, and I know that you have spared me of the fullness of the suffering you shall endure. I pray for the strength from your Father in heaven to help me, for watching you suffer and die shall be my greatest trial. I love you and yet I understand that to watch you suffer and die shall be a hard thing for your Father. He has great love for you, and you have been his Son for much longer than I was allowed to cherish you. I shall always cherish and love you, my son. When you were a small child, I would hold you and caress your hair and face and sing a song of my love for you, my child. I touch your face now, my son, the face of a man, the face of God.”

Listen to my voice, feel my tender touch, feel my love for you,
Listen to my heart beat, feel my warmth upon you, feel my love for you.
Listen to the words, close your weary eyes, feel my love for you.
Listen to my song, listen to my heart’s melody, feel my love for you.

Sleep my precious son, sleep thou little one, thou blessing from above.
Sleep and dream great King of man, the Mighty and Holy one.
Sleep in peace, dream of the days ahead, be still my little one.
Sleep in silence, sleep close to my heart, feel a mother’s love.

Love fills my heart, love fills my soul, love reaches unto you
The Chosen One, the Son of the Almighty, the one I love.
You are a King, you are of God, you are also my precious one.
You are my Creator, you are worthy of my praise, feel a mother’s love.

I will forever love you; I shall forever seek your kind face.
Tears fall down upon cheeks that have known the joy of you my son.
Tears fall freely, tears fall freely, I love you my dearest one.
Let me hold you close once more, feel my heart, feel a mother’s love.

I am your Savior, the Son of the Almighty God. Cherish the words given unto you this night. I love my people. I love the children, and I love the mothers. I know the love of the Father, and yes, I too, know the joy of a mother’s love. Be kind, be gentle, and show love and compassion unto all men. For everyone you meet is loved by me and all hearts must reach the depth of a mother’s love. Love each other so men will know that I am with you.