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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

The 26th Parable - Victory In The Lord

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and the Lamb of God. Share this parable with my people and place in within the book you are putting together. I am your merciful King and my love and kindness is upon you.

The trumpet sounded and the armies marched towards one another in the early morning sun. There would be much death upon this field this day. The army of the King of Judah was battle tested for they had fought many a battle behind their noble and valiant king. The enemy was an old nemesis. The Philistines gathered in multitude to attempt to seize land they had once inhabited. The king’s general motioned to his archers to send down the shower of arrows upon the enemy hoard. The arrows whistled through the air and you could hear the thud as arrow penetrated flesh or bounced off of shields. The army of Judah was the army of the Almighty God and his word was that victory would be won this day. The battle was over within minutes. The Israelites were valiant and God was their strong arm. Seven thousand enemy lay dead upon the ground and there were several thousand wounded. The wounded were beheaded without mercy. The enemy fled and dropped their spears and raced away. The mighty general looked to his king who had been in the midst of battle. Why would he not stay in the rear like most kings? But then again, he was unlike any king for this was David the chosen one of the Almighty. The king waived his hand forward which was the signal to pursue the enemy and reap upon them the wrath of the army of God. By nightfall five thousand more were dead. The loss to the king’s army was less than one hundred men. A great victory had been won this day.

In the twilight the king with his royal guards and great men of valor marched into the chosen city. There were no crowds, just merchants closing their stands and stores. The king went to his quarters and had a servant prepare his bath. Once alone, he removed his tunic which was red with blood. The spear had done some damage but he knew he would be fine. Just another scar upon a body that had seen many battles. He was tired but after his bath he went into his chambers to pray and praise the Almighty for his hand of deliverance this day. He was especially glad for he had sinned greatly against his Lord when he had numbered his army and many had died. He had repented but he was still concerned that his repentance had not completely stayed the wrath of the Almighty. He had come to enjoy his time of praise and prayer, and he prayed often and praised his God numerous times each day. His knees ached as he lowered himself to the mat. He loved the Almighty and he was very much aware of the power and majesty of the Great God of Israel. He felt the need to ask forgiveness for his evil deeds and for his lack of trust in the Almighty. He had faith but at times he let the closeness of his enemies concern him. As he knelt in prayer he spoke these words unto the Almighty One of Israel.

“Oh Lord, my God, my great King and mighty fortress, my deliverer. This day my enemy was defeated in battle by your mighty hand. Who can stand when the Lord Almighty rises up in battle? Who can stop the sword when the arm of God swings his mighty blade? Great and powerful art thou my God and King.

This day I saw many men die. One of the fallen for us today was the son of my old friend. Please have mercy on his home this night oh Lord. Comfort the mothers and fathers and wives and children of your fallen men of valor, oh God. They fought for your people. Honor their families and remember your mighty men in the day when the saints shall rise up in the great Day of the Lord. I honor you my God. I worship your name and declare your name among my people and before my enemies. I once was a shepherd boy and now I am king. My life is yours for you have never forsaken me. You were my champion when the giant defied your army oh God. You were my champion in countless battles. Wounded often in thy glory oh God but nothing that would take my life. When I sinned greatly against you, your hand was hard upon me, but then soft with mercy before I would perish. Make me thine, oh Lord. When my life is over, let me forever be thine. I praise you for victory over my enemies, and I praise you for your hand which shielded us this day. Great is the name of the Lord God of Israel.

The king rose and walked slowly to his harp. He always enjoyed singing praises unto the Almighty. He has given me so many songs and so many glorious and happy days. My life is full in thy presence oh God. My cup runneth over with thy bounteous goodness and mercy. He sat and began to play. His voice soon filled the chamber, and the guards outside his windows could hear the sweet melody as their king sang praises to the Great God of Israel. This night he sang of victory, victory which can only be found in the Lord.

Victory is sweet unto a man of war, victory was thine oh Lord.
Victory is complete when you go before us Great God and King.
Victory is assured when thy hand shields and thy hand defends.
Victory today was thine oh Lord, victory is in the Lord.

I rest in thee oh Lord, my wounds I know your hand will heal.
I rest in thee oh Lord, for my place of safety is in your presence.
I rest in thee oh Lord, for you defend me all my days.
I rest in thee oh Lord, for thou art mighty and true.

I hope in thee oh Lord, for thine is the resurrection to glory.
I hope in thee oh Lord, for thine is life eternal.
I hope in thee oh Lord, for thy hand will forever lift me.
I hope in thee oh Lord, for I know the depth of thy love for me.
Victory this day, victory tomorrow, victory always in thee.
Victory in this life, victory in the life to come, victory in thee oh Lord.
Victory shall be forever thine for who can stand against my God?
Victory through the blood of the lamb, victory through thy Son.