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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

25th Parable - The Everlasting Light

I am your Savior, your High Priest and King. Dark days lie before you, but in the darkness of this world my people of light shall shine forth as mighty beacons of love and hope and tenderness. Be broken and be of my flock. I am the good shepherd and I will lead you into battle and I will defend you. My Father is a mighty fortress and he shall be thy strong wall and thy right arm in battle. Trust, trust I say in the power of your Father in heaven. For great is thy God and greatly is he to be praised by his people. Declare these words to my people. Share this parable of hope with the children of light. I am with you.

The child ran and played in the field of grass. Flowers were in full bloom and the butterflies and bees went from flower to flower. The sun was warm upon her face as she laughed and played in the warmth of the summer sun. She was eight years old and today was a good day for the rain had ceased and she was allowed to go outside and play. Three neighborhood girls ran and played with her. They laughed and sang and ran through the field. Youth is precious and youth is tender. There are millions of children such as this upon the earth. Some do not laugh often for they live in times of famine and disease. The smell of death overpowers the fragrance of summer flowers. There is little joy in the hearts of these children for darkness of death is always close to them. I see all of these children. I hear their cries of pain, I hear their laughter. I feel their breath and the beat of their heart. I am the Son of God and I have love for the children of the earth. I look upon the joy in the field of grass. I turn and see the pain of one who is captured by evil men and taken to a place she does not desire to go. I see the evil within those who hurt, molest and murder. Am I helpless? Do I not have all power in heaven and earth? The righteous see the misery and cry out for justice. They desire my Father’s wrath to pour out upon evil men.

The warm summer days give way to the leaves of fall. Time passes. Children laugh and children cry. Rain falls down upon the just and the unjust. “Why my Father, Why oh God? Why was my little girl murdered and molested? Don’t you care dear Jesus?” Tears fall upon a glassy sea. Tears fall and I wait. My time will soon be here you men of evil. My time to rule is soon. My Father is a God of love but he is also a consuming fire. His wrath shall be poured out and all men will answer for their evil deeds. Death is but a moment and then there shall be light. I blink, I turn and the kingdom is upon you. Let me give you a glimpse my children. Think of your most happy moments. See your first bike, see the puppy you loved. Feel the comfort of your mothers lap. Feel the arms of love that embrace you. Remember the laughter of your children. Remember the ball game that seemed so important. The home run, the diving catch. Moments of life are held together in the depth of your memories. Life even in darkness has moments of light.

Now look and see a world of glorious light. A world with no death, no darkness. Angels are everywhere to be seen. They are kind and tender to all. Children laugh and play. Billions of them run and laugh and sing. Food in full supply. No tears, no sadness. Everlasting joy.

See the little girl who runs across the meadow and laughs. See the man who comes to her. A man of darkness who in another time hurt her. See him cry before her and ask her to forgive. See her kiss his check and take his hand. His sins are forgiven. He will always protect and love her. Wrongs are now right, sin is gone, death is no more. Glorious light fills every heart and every mind. You walk in the meadow and lie upon your back; you see the beauty and fullness of my universe. Perfection is now in your midst. No more cries of revenge, only love and mercy for all.

I turn and I blink and the girl screams again in pain. I turn to my Father and he knows my desire. I hear the prayer, “Come soon Lord Jesus, come soon.” “Soon my Son, very soon.” Pray for the light of the Lamb of God to come unto you. Be diligent and pray often. Seek me always. There are little girls who desire to awaken to the everlasting light.