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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

In Storm or Sunshine

In Storm or Sunshine

The fog rolls across the water. The mist of the sea fills the night.
Upon the water the tiny ship is lost and tossed upon the waves.
Tiny ship of men, where is thy faith? Where is thy belief?
The storm rages, and the tempest of storm rolls and waters rock.

Help us, oh God, for we perish. Help us, oh God, for we are lost. Help us!
Men cry in desperation. They turn to me in times of peril and loss.
The tiny ship is buffeted. The men’s hearts turn to dross.
Help us, oh Jesus, thou Son of the Light. Calm the storms of life.

“Be still,” he says. “Be calm.” Both men and storm hear his words.
For sea and man must be still, be calm, and be free of worry.
Calm the seas of tempest. Calm the seas of strife. Peace, be still.
Surrender your care; surrender your heart; surrender all unto me.

The ship moves across the waters to the lights of harbor safe.
Life spared, confidence restored, sins given sought anew.
Why must you be lost in stormy night to seek me and call my name?
I am found in sunshine, calm waters, and starry nights, my people.