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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

The Angels Rejoice

The Angels Rejoice

Thunder crashes in the night sky. Clouds of glory move in the night.
Thunder crashes as the Father speaks. His power is great. Mighty is He.
Lightning flashes. The skies light to reveal the couple walking along.
The man leads his wife. She is full with child. Lightning flashes.

The man leads his bride to the inn Ė no room to lie her tired head.
Blessing unto his man, this woman, and this chosen child.
The Father speaks. Thunder crashes, lightning flashes, and the stable is seen.
Warm hay, shelter from rain and storm. Holy angels attend.

The Father stands. The time of promise is near. Lightning flashes.
The animals make their bleating sound. Holy angels sing, oh how they sing!
Praises to God, blessed Father, the Son of Promise has come.
Immanuel is here. Godís fullness has come in the form of a man child.

The thunder crashes as the Father speaks. Tears of joy fall upon the glass.
Beloved Son, I am with thee, I am with thee always.
Blessed people, blessed Son, the King of Glory is born. Hallelujah!
Sweet sleep, comfort, and peace. The Father smiles. The angels rejoice.

I am your Savior. I am the Lamb of God. You all were once precious babies. Become again the child. Be small, and be humble. I require humility and brokenness. Rejoice for the Son of man walked righteously. The Son of God sits at the seat of power. Cry unto me. Be as the child. I will comfort. I will attend unto thy every need. Great is my love. Great is my joy in you. Be at peace, for the lightning flashes, the thunder crashes, and the Father smiles and the angels rejoice!