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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

Peace When Making Decisions

"I am your Savior. I am the Son of the Almighty God in heaven and I am with my people. I am your tender shepherd; great is my love for my people. Declare these words unto my people for your mid-week gathering. Follow the pattern of worship and sing much praise until the Father and to the Son. The days ahead will be full of joy as you begin to see my mighty hand move across this nation and this world. These are the ways to stay at peace and to feel my presence when faced with difficult situations and decisions which cause unrest. See the wisdom of my council.

1. Decisions are yours to make. Come to me and seek my guidance. Seek the hand of the Father. We will lead you and guide you and help you, but man is responsible for his own decisions. Follow the principles given, and follow as led by my spirit and by the spirit of the Father.

2. Decisions should never be motivated by greed or want. Base your decision on my law and upon my principles. Look to the words and absolute laws of my Father to receive guidance. If you are looking for quick gain, beware. Prosperity should come with hard work and diligence. Be a good steward. Care for that which you are given. Read Proverbs for wisdom.

3. Decisions which will affect others need to be weighed and prayed about. In your business or family matters bring the situation or decision before us and lay it upon the altar. Fast over the matter if it is a decision with results that will greatly affect others. Seek to see open doors or closed doors. Listen to the prompting of our spirit. Listen for our voice in your life.

4. Decisions need to be made in a time of calm and peace if at all possible. Seek peaceful surroundings. Be at rest. Pray and fast. Read our word, and listen for answers. Most men make decisions and then seek approval. Consider all sides of the matter. Use honest scales to weigh out the situation. Do not be hasty to go into battle before considering the resources available.

5. Decisions are to always be based on our word. Read our words to learn the lessons of the wise and the foolish. Learn from your good and bad decisions of life. Wisdom considers the matter thoughtfully before action is taken. Look to see patterns within your family. Are there foolish tendencies being passed down from generation to generation? Seek wise counsel of those who have experience in your quest and ask for wisdom.

6. Decisions should be made based on need. Is what you seek a necessity or a desire. Divide needs from wants. Needs come first. If the crop was bountiful, then there is allowance for wants. Purchase quality. Maintain all things to last. Avoid youthful lust. Do not make a decision based on today’s want. Will it be as sweet and rewarding tomorrow? Decisions made can bring joy or can bring strife and grief. Be wise in all decisions.

7. Decisions should not be made which will bring harm to others. Your pleasure, your gain is not to motivate. Be fair and honest with all men. Be true and faithful to me and your Father and to all whom you love. Do ask yourself if the action or matter is godly. Is it a course that has our blessing? Why walk a crooked path? Set straight paths before your feet.