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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

Ways to Share the Gospel

I am your Messiah, the Son of the Almighty Father in heaven. Declare these words unto my people for I desire you to grow closer to me and closer to my Father. I am pleased that my people are diligent in prayer, fasting and study. Continue to grow in love, tenderness and mercy. I desire my people to seek me always. Let me guide you each day. These are the ways to share my gospel message with those around you, for I desire each of you to become more vocal and to be a witness of me and my Father.

1. Pray each day for someone to approach you and discuss an aspect of their life. Be it a worry, concern or a stressful situation. Give them words of comfort and peace and ask them if you can pray about their problem and then seek my Father and I to move in their life.

2. Praise us openly during your day. Speak my name. Express the joy you feel with our presence in your midst. Tell people of how you have learned to be the leaf upon the river and how surrender has freed you from so many past mistakes and errors in thinking. Do not be timid. People are listening and will respond.

3. Listen more attentively to those around you. Pray for their concerns. Share words from the messages and words from our holy word. These messages are our words and they will touch people if you will share them. Have some available to share. Share the promises you are learning each week. There is power in our word.

4. Share your testimony of love. When given opportunity tell others of how you were lost and I came unto you. Tell of how I am your shepherd and how I lead you and care for you. Time is growing short. Have your words ready to speak. Let love and joy come out from within.

5. Continue to study. It is important that you be well versed in our word. Love first and show kindness and mercy, but if asked of a scripture or truth, be ready to speak with wisdom and assurance.

6. Perform acts of kindness often. Ask me and my Father to open doors to you. Open your eyes and heart. Listen and watch. Be kind, smile more. Say pleasant words unto all. Do not be angry or quick to ridicule. Kindness will be as a light. Let your light shine unto all men so your Father in heaven will be glorified.

7. Be more open in public. It is ok to say a quiet prayer at a restaurant and to read our word where others see. Be a testimony of love. Let men see that your love for us is real. Let your words and ways be in absolute harmony with our word. Ask me to send people unto you and you will see what you call coincidences become frequent events of your day.

My people. This world is dying and the suffering is great. Have mercy and compassion and share the hope and love within you as often as you can. I will provide opportunity to the faithful and just.