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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

The Power of Mercy

I am your Savior and High Priest, Son of the Most High God. Declare these words unto my people and to those who seek my words. These are the ways unto a better understanding of the power of mercy.

1. Mercy is of my Father. He is tender and loving and has great mercy unto all who cry out to him with true repentance and those who present the sacrifice of brokenness before him. Call upon his mercy to cover and to remove.

2. Mercy will be given to those who not only seek but that also show mercy. Mercy is more than kindness, for mercy is often given unto those who have sought you harm or unto those who have forsaken you or been hurtful unto you. Mercy is love and kindness to those who have wrought unkindness and lack of love, but you have mercy for your Father is merciful.

3. Mercy is seen in my death. My Father had mercy upon you and I had mercy upon you. I laid down my life; I gave up my crown for you and all men. God is your Father and his mercy lifted me up and restored me to my glory, and even greater glory for my faithfulness. Before you refuse mercy think on these things.

4. Mercy is more than charity. Mercy seeks to bring about change and to give peace and direction. Show tender mercy unto all men, but also teach them the ways of love and righteousness. Recipients of mercy are often fertile soil to plant with seeds of my word and my love.

5. Mercy is not something that can be done from an impure heart. Kindness from the proud and arrogant is kindness but not mercy. Mercy comes from the heart, from the inner most part of man. Tender mercy is within you, let it out. Be tender and compassionate. Purify your mind and heart and be merciful.

6. Mercy is love, mercy is tenderness, mercy is compassion, mercy is kindness often not deserved and often difficult to show if you look for mercy from your mind. Do not judge and reason why someone does or does not deserve mercy. Do you deserve mercy? Do you receive mercy? While you were yet sinners I bore your pain and I bore your sin. Have mercy unto all.

7. Mercy is my desire and my prayer for you. I am your High Priest and I call upon your Father for mercy for you. Mercy you have been given, mercy you shall give. Forgive as you are forgiven. Show mercy as you have been shown mercy. Do not let mercy be withheld with conditions. Love with a pure heart. Desire to be a merciful man of great kindness and a man of tender love unto all.