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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

Ways to Humility and Gracious Love

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and high priest. I walk with those who are humble and of a kind and tender spirit. Declare these words unto my people. I desire that you look to my ways and my words each day as you walk, and as you face more of lifeís trials. These are the ways unto humility and gracious love. For I desire men and women who walk in accordance to my will and who walk in my example.

1. Be of a tender heart. Let mercy and love be extended even to those who seem undeserving. Let compassion and tenderness be your goal each day. Show love and mercy to all you encounter, unto all I send unto you.

2. Love your family with more words of tenderness and more acts of kindness. If you have difficulty unto your own, how can you walk in love toward others? Be tender and merciful. Forgive past sins and error. Melt the judgmental heart and seek to renew tender love that once filled your life.

3. Reach out to the poor and the stranger. There is power in kindness. You have so many blessings. Give more to others. Place a smile upon your face and tender words upon your lips. Look to see the beauty in the lives of others. Walk with peace in knowing that I am with you and I guide and I direct. Let mercy be what guides your actions. Have tender compassion on the lost and broken.

4. Examine your heart. Why do you allow doubt and strife? Why are you anxious and troubled? I have given you my peace. Strife and anxiety only exist in the heart not surrendered. Say words of kindness and love. See the beauty of a life surrendered. Experience the joy of a life that is lived in praise and honor unto me and my Father.

5. Be small in thy own eyes. Pride will destroy the loving heart. Do not be motivated by pride or power or prestige. Let love be your only motivation. Love for me and love for each other. I desire hearts that do not rush to judge. Humility is to be thy crown, wear it each day and let its weight fill your heart with joy. Be as the little child. No pride, no envy, no jealousy.

6. Hearts afire. Hearts full of passion and love. Let it burn deep. Express love for my Father. Give him thanks and honor. Feel our presence within you. I desire and my Father desires you to love us and keep our commandments. But love is better than strict adherence to our law. The more you love us, the more you will realize that our perfect law reveals our love for you. My Fatherís commands are everlasting and you are to obey them, but do not let the pride of knowledge put out the fire of love.

7. Humility is my desire for you. In brokenness you will lose all pride and be of no reputation. Let love shine forth as a beacon of light. Let all see your kindness, tenderness, mercy, compassion, joy, love and good works. Love in deed and not mere word. Show love. Show tenderness. Place others before yourself. The surrendered life of brokenness is the path unto a life of glory, life everlasting.