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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

The Tenderness of God

"My Sabbath day is marvelous to me as well. It is a wonderful feeling to see my people come before me in prayer, song and worship. So many men feel like I am distant and far from you, as if I canít be touched or moved. I am moved by the cry of a molested child and a beaten wife. My heart aches when I see the pain that my children have brought upon themselves. My Son created you in our image, you were made to walk in our light and be in our presence. But man has chosen his own way and not my ways. I yearn for you to follow me. I yearn to feed the hungry and to protect the battered child and the wife who is hurt by the hands which promised to cherish and care for her. I am God and not man, but if your heart aches when you see death and sorrow do you think my Son and I are unmoved? But I am God so my law must stand. My judgments are sure. But even in my wrath there is mercy, for death is for but a moment and then life will be given in my Sonís kingdom where there will be no hunger and no pain and no sorrow. Lead my sheep my Son. Bring them unto pastures green and cool clean water. Bring them unto me. Come to my throne, feel my resurrection. Hear my song unto my chosen ones. See my tears of joy and my smile of gladness.

Does man cry alone? Does man praise and feel joy alone? I am above man and my thoughts are not your thoughts, but I am not distant and I am not cold. I am love. My love is greater than you are capable of feeling or expressing. My kindness and my mercy is above all that you could ever hope to acquire. So why does man leave the presence of my love and my mercy? Why do you flee the embrace of the Almighty? My Son knocks unto you, come in and sup with us. Feel our presence, feel our glory. Feel the breath of the one who loves you upon your check. Feel my hands of gentleness brush away your tears and rustle your hair. Feel my presence. Feel my embrace. Hear my words of love unto you. I am above all things, and I, the Almighty God, the great I AM, love you and cherish you. Walk in my love, feel my light and my presence. Repent before me. Let your tears fall as rain upon the glassy sea. Kneel before me, humble yourself. Feel my presence, feel my love. Feel my joy when you sing and pray unto me.