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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

Complete Surrender

"Let your love for the Son of the Almighty be proclaimed unto all nations and peoples of this earth. He is my beloved Son and every knee shall bow at mention of His Holy name. He is your Savior, the King of kings and Lord of Lords. Is your heart set upon Him? Do you desire His presence each day? Walk before the Lord in all things. Ask Him to guide your steps, to bring each thought, each word, each action into complete harmony with His will. Seek the Lord Jesus in all your ways, in business, in leisure, at home, at work, at large within the community. Let my Son be your continual focus. Surrender everything unto my Son. Lay down your life, be crucified with Him, let all sin die with Him. Let your pride, selfishness, ego, ungodly desires, all that is of darkness be buried deep within the grave. Rise up from thy death as a new man, a new creature, a new light which has its being in the light of the Lord Jesus. Let the Lamb of God lead you in all things. Come to me through my Son. Ask my Son to guide you this day and every day. Pray each morning, mid-day, and night, at least three times each day come before our presence. There is peace in my sonís presence. There is power inside you when you are within our presence.

It is not wrong to seek the gifts of my spirit. For what man would build a house without tools or material? You have the material as you have my spirit and the spirit of my Son. The power is within you. You have the keys to the Kingdom of heaven which gives you access to the power of my Son. All power was given unto Him, so you have all that you need within you and available to you. What do you lack? This is the question which burns in your heart and mind. How do you reach the place where the material meets the tools? Where my spirit begins to manifest itself within your life. I know you seek the answer. I feel your desire to be at the place where my light meets your darkness, and my glorious light of knowledge and understanding will pierce the darkness and you will know. For you must know, you must pray from the place of knowing to see the manifestations of my power and my Sonís power that you seek.

Look unto the moon and sun, look at the flower. My power is everywhere to be seen. It is continuous and consumes all things of creation. You were created in my image, you are of me. My Son and I live within you. The power to move mountains truly is yours. The secret places of the Almighty come to those who surrender and seek. You must continue to pray at least three times each day. Read my word often. In much fasting and prayer you will come unto my power, unto my place of knowing. You look for a door, a pathway unto the most holy place. The entrance to my throne is through my Son. He is the key unto power and glory and walking daily in my spirit. You must surrender all and call upon my mercy. I shall always be found of a broken man with a contrite heart. Follow the voice inside, hear the small still voice that leads. Daily submission must be seen. Surrender everything to me. Ask me to help your unbelief. Believe that I am am that I am, believe that the Lord Jesus loves you and hears your voice, knows your thoughts, and sees every action. He sees, hears, and knows all for He is within you and around you. My messengers of light are with my flock, they are there to guide and protect. Surrender all upon my altar, give everything to me. Call upon my Son, He is your rock, your guide, your salvation. Praise and glorify His name. There is no hidden door, no secret passage unto my glory. There is surrender, there is mercy, there is my Son, and there is daily walking in my way. Come unto my Son, Give up everything that separates.Come unto my throne room for I desire your presence.