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The Latter Rain

Messages of Hope Unto a World God Has Not Forgotten

Author: David Nix

Priceless Fruit of Worship

I am the Almighty God in heaven and my mercy falls upon you this day. I have given words on all of the fruits of life except for the fruit of worship, which I now give unto you. My Son gave you words on the power of worship in parable number seventy. There is meaning in this fruit being given as twelve and seventy. Look to understand these things. There is perfection and completeness in all that I do. I AM the Great I AM, and I am worthy of your praise and your worship. I am the self existent one; I have no beginning and no end. I have no limits to my wisdom and my power, I see all and hear all and know all. I am all knowing and all powerful. I AM, and I am to be worshipped by all living. I am not harsh or cruel, for there is no evil or darkness within me. All of my desires for you are Holy and good. I desire light to fill a world that is of darkness. Man was created to worship, it is within you, and if not expressed properly will lead to false worship. Man makes idols of wood and stone, and creates diversions for mind and body. My spirit is the spirit of life, and the spirit within calls man unto worship. I desire your worship to be of the light. Seek me in truth, seek me in purity, and I will become known unto you. Sin separates you from me and prevents the fullness of worship. You praise and worship me and my Son when we forgive and when our hand of mercy is seen in your life, but, do you also worship in the sunshine and days of joy? Each breath you take is my gift. Worship should be seen in your life every day, for every moment you have is of me. I am the creator and sustainer of all life.

There is great power in worship. The angels were created to worship and that is the source of their joy and light. Worship is light. When you worship me and my Son, when you praise us, you emit light within the spiritual realm. I see the light of praise and worship and I respond to the light. Prayer is your greatest power against darkness for prayer is worship. Worship is seen in your thoughts, words and actions. Praises can be thoughts, but praise needs to be spoken, and expressed through songs. Words of praise send light, which is why praise makes the dark ones flee. Worship is of the heart and spirit. Worship is seen in lifted hands, bended knees, and jubilant hearts. Dancing before me is worship if from a true heart. Tears of joy, tears of repentance, are worship. Worship is seen in your attitude of love and joy. I desire heartfelt worship of you, and I desire your heart to be mine. You are mine, all living are of me. Within you there is a spirit, and my spirit calls unto my spirit. The emptiness inside of so many people is due to the yearning to worship not being fulfilled. In worship of me you shall learn the fullness of joy and peace. Love, joy, meekness, peace, kindness, tenderness, gentleness, goodness, and mercy are fruits of a heart that is of the light. To release the light you are to worship. Praise is worship in words, all focus to me, where I and my Son are given honor, is worship. Power is a fruit of worship and all the fruits. The twelve fruits are perfect in their function, all are of light, and if you have these fruits you are light. I am the Yakahalahiym, and I desire your worship.

In surrender you worship, in love you worship, in acts of tenderness and goodness you worship. Worship is letting the light within be seen. Light is emitted whenever man worships me and my Son. False worship is a barrier to light. Someday all will worship me and my Son, let it begin this day.
Seek me upon bended knee and hands lifted unto heaven. Call unto me and worship, and I will see the light, and my light shall give power and peace unto the light. I am your Father, and I am to be worshipped by all living. See the power and wisdom in the perfect fruit of worship.